Monday, 29 October 2012

A Weekend of Fun

Last weekend was another busy weekend, full of lots of fun.   On Friday night we went along to the Punchbowl Primary School fair.  It was a great night despite it pouring with rain for the first half an hour.  The boys were so excited to meet Sticky and Sam from The Amazing Race.  Sam's Mum is the co-principal at the school so we had followed the show anxiously hoping that they were going to win.

Harri cracked me up as we were telling them we watched them every week and Harri then says 'no we didn't! If it was on at 10.30 we didn't watch it 'cause it was on too late!'. 

On Saturday morning we went to my cousin Cade's and Talissa's engagement party. It was such a beautiful day and it was at a park, so we had a lovely morning eating and catching up with lots of family and friends.

That night we went to a halloween party at the Webster's house.  Although we don't really celebrate halloween in Australia it's fun to see it getting a little bigger every year. The boys wish so much that we celebrated it like they do in the USA. 

I was hoping that the boys would want to get dressed up using costumes that we already have at home, but they had to be difficult and decided that they all wanted to dress up as 'team rocket' from Pokemon. I had no idea what that even was, so Jay had to google lots of pics for me.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am not creative at all, and can't sew to save myself. It was a stressful week trying to sort the costumes out, but after a bit of hand sewing and iron on transfer paper we came up with some okay costumes. The boys were SO excited about them which made it all worth it.
The best thing about the weekend was that Chrish flew home from Sydney for it, and surprised everyone, except me. I knew he was coming down on Wednesday and we planned on not telling anyone.  It was so funny seeing everyone's faces when they saw him at the engagement party.   Mum even gave him a whack!

The boys were so excited when he walked in the house and surprised them. He came with an awesome costume and all for the halloween party.   Mum wore Chrish's 'Where's Wally' costume that he wore for his footy team's 'silly sunday'.

The Websters always throw a great party with a sausage sizzle, games, a face painter and hayrides.  Everyone was asked to decorate their car boots and the kids go around trick or treating at the car boots and have the best time.

Kobe was SO excited about halloween and couldn't believe that he could just go around and get so many lollies from everyone.

There were so many people at the party that Uncle Kim had to do three separate hay rides so everyone had a ride.

 The kids loved the pinata.

On Sunday Chrish flew back to Sydney, but before he left we went for a walk up at the Gorge as it was such a beautiful night.  The boys had so much fun running up and down the empty pool. 

Chrish and I had lots of fun stalking the peacocks, trying to get a good photo.

It was a lovely weekend and it was nice to keep busy as it makes the weekend go a lot faster.


  1. Chrish is such a great guy, and the boys' costumes looked terrific!


  2. Liz in S. Carolina,USA30 October 2012 at 08:17

    I love the way you celebrated Halloween!! You did it right by my book. I think a big party like that with all that food is wonderful. Love the guys in their Hawaiian attire getting ready to serve the delicious sausage! MMM!!!
    Looks like you did exactly what we do in the states. Trick-or treating door-to-door is getting to be something of the past and we do trunk r treat at our church. We never did that in Utah, but it's a Southern US tradition at most churches. We have a chili cook-off ,too in our ward. Along with a costume contest.
    Happy Halloween!

  3. Looks like a great time! You are fortunate to be surrounded by so many friends and family this Halloween season. I did not realize it wasn't celebrated there but glad it becoming more popular! Such a fun time for the kids dressing up and getting candy.

  4. You'd be welcome at our doors, for sure! I've never done the car boot way, but it does seem efficient to get a bunch of candy in a short distance/time! :) Glad it was fun!


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