Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Old Fashioned Fun

While we were in Sydney Chrish had to work but was able to take a RDO while we were there.  Before we went up he asked me what we had planned and what day we would like him to have the day off work.

Since our trip to Queensland we have become adrenalin junkies and wish we lived closer to the theme parks so we could go to them more often.   When the boys knew we were going to Sydney they all said they wanted to go back to Luna Park. They loved it last time we were there with Aaron and kept talking about all the fun things they did.   We thought it would be fun to go with Chrish, so that's what the boys were hanging out for all week. 

Chrish drove us around the city for a bit before we went to Luna Park. It was so nice having him drive, after driving all week and feeling so stressed because of all the traffic. 

Harri was fascinated that you can actually walk on the harbour bridge, so before we went to Luna Park we took a little walk on it.  He started to panic when he realised that we were going to walk on the bridge, as he thought we were going to actually go on the harbour bridge climb where you walk up over the top.

Near where we parked the car was a beautiful park with an amazing view.

There was an awesome sign there that made us laugh, so I made the boys get their photo taken in front of it.  Harri saw the sign and said 'that's true Mum! You are a star!' and made me laugh as in his eyes, there is no one better than Mum at the moment.  Jay did the whole teenage thing where he tried to pretend he was too cool to get his photo taken there, but obliged and stood there for me. 

The boys were so excited to get to Luna Park and it was such a beautiful day.

It is of course a lot different to the theme parks in Queensland, as it's all the old fashioned rides but we still love it.

I really missed Aaron when we were at Luna Park as I had a lot of memories from when we were on rides together last time.   I think it was a lot different in Queensland because when we were there together for Noah's Make a Wish Trip we didn't have anyone to help with the boys, so we didn't get to go on any rides together.   It's always fun going on rides with Jay though.

We have a big joke with Chrish as a family about him being scared of 'pirate ship' type rides. When we were young we drove to Queensland as a family and at Sea World we went on the pirate ship. Chrish was so scared (he was probably 8 at the time) that he screamed so much that they had to stop the ride to let him off.  He definitely isn't scared anymore! He was literally the only person on this ride, before Jay decided to be brave and joined him.

Harri couldn't bear to watch it and kept closing his eyes.

The boys spent ages in the Coney Island area and love all the huge slides and old fashioned fun.

We had a great day and it was nice to do something so fun together and to spend the day with Chrish.


  1. What an awesome day! :D Theme parks are always fun.

  2. There are so many smiles in this post. I love seeing that :) Looks like you all had a blast, and took great pictures!

  3. Lisa, the thing that struck me about this post was the smiles. Lots of them. I'm sure your heart hurts terribly but I hope part of it is able to TRULY smile during fun times like Luna Park. You are doing an awesome job with your beautiful boys. Stay strong.

  4. You all look so great! The boys look like they had a blast. Glad you got to have so much fun together and spend more time with your brother too.

  5. Elizabeth in South Carolina,USA3 October 2012 at 22:51

    Looks like a lot of fun!!! I want to come to Australia some day and Luna Park looks great! I have been to Coney Island and those rides are certainly authentic! Whoot! It is great to see all the smiles,I agree.


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