Sunday, 21 October 2012

Walking for a Wish

Yesterday we 'ran' in the second annual Run for a Wish fun run which raises funds for the Make a Wish Organisation.  I say 'ran' because I knew from the start that I would not be running as Kobe was going to be in it and there is no way he could run 6.4km.  I will use that as my excuse, rather than just being so unfit from hardly exercising since Aaron passed away, and comfort eating all year :)

It was a weird feeling to be doing it again, knowing how things were at the same time last year.  It was just a few weeks after Noah passed away and we were sad to be doing it without him, but happy at the same time that we could do it as a family for him.  

Last year Noah wasn't with us, and this year Noah AND Aaron wasn't with us. It's still strange to say that.  This morning I was organising our bibs to put them on and I pulled four out and put them on the bench and kept thinking that there was one missing. It just didn't seem like enough.  And it wasn't. It's so strange to see that my family on earth is now just four people.

The day started off with the kids 400m race around Aurora Stadium.  Kobe was so excited that Hawka was there to help them warm up.

We wore our tshirts with Noah on them from last year's run.  We were lucky that they still fitted - only just!

Simone and I were talking during the week and decided we couldn't do it without balloons for Noah again this year.  It was nice having so many family and friends join us again.

We started off at the back of the pack and that's pretty much where we finished.  It was nice to just walk it and chat along the way and enjoy the time together.

Harri and Jay took off running and left Kobe with us. He did surprisingly well and jogged for a while and then walked most of the way.  Mum was happy she could walk it this year, as she had a broken foot last year, although I'm not sure now if she is still happy that she was able to go in it. There has been a lot of moaning about sore hips since :)

Hugh was so cute and slept for most of the walk.

There were volunteers all along the way and often these guys on bikes would ride past making sure everyone was okay.  They were lovely to stop to try to help Steph pump up her pram wheels. 

It was also nice to have the Woodwards join us this year, as they were away living in the USA last year.

Mum giving me a big wave.
Luckily the whole course wasn't like this and there was only a couple of small hills.
The kids were such troopers and hardly complained.  When they saw the end was near they decided it was time to finally start running. It didn't last for too long though.
Even though we came about 400th out of 409 people Kobe said 'I won!! I beat you Mum!'.
Harri ran like a rocket and came 150th! He was at the end yelling 'about time you got here!! I came first out of all our family and friends!'.   Our Harri is very humble! ;)
Simone was waiting with her camera at the finish line.
At the end they gave out the prizes which included spot prizes.  I was lucky enough to win a voucher for a massage! It would've been the prize that I would've chosen if I had the chance.  Kobe was also lucky to have 'won' a helicopter ride.  The lovely organisers gave Jalen a helicopter ride last year, and this year Kobe was lucky to get one.  My boys are very spoilt and I am so grateful to people who show so much kindness to them, as they have had so much sadness in such a short time.

Kobe however didn't appreciate the gesture quite as much as I did and tThe little rat yelled 'I don't want it!' when they gave him the voucher and whacked Harri with it, and Harri quickly said that he would have it instead! Supposedly Jay and Harri are going to take it together.  I'm nervous that Harri will get scared and will need me with him, but we will see what happens. 
We waited till the end to release the balloons for Noah.
It made me smile when I saw them go near the scoreboard with 'always Hawthorn' on it.
The boys were so excited to get a medal for participating.  Kobe said to me tonight 'did you get a medal Mum, even though you were slow!?'.
Afterwards we all went to Maccas for lunch.  It kind of defeats the purpose of exercising, but we had a lovely day with our family and friends, helping to raise money for a great cause.  All together they raised $22,500!
We are looking forward to doing it again next year and hopefully each year we will get a bit quicker as the kids legs grow a bit more.


  1. Way to go! Sounds like a great day. Interesting,Maccas.. here in Canada the nick name for McDonalds is Mickey D's!

  2. Paying big time today!!!!!
    Love Mum.

  3. Make a wish is an AMAZING foundation!! Im glad you guys got a wish and I am also glad you were able to participate in this walk!! Your a inspiring family to say the least!

  4. It was a wonderful day, can't wait until next year!

  5. Those bibs look perfectly pinned :)

  6. Looks like it was amazing and lots of fun. Thanks for sharing your experience. Love your photos. Was so proud of my sister Vicki for running the whole way .... my goal is to come over to Tassie next year and run with her. I'm working on losing weight and getting healthy and I'll be there.

  7. Dear Lisa -

    I have been following your blog since January. I have loved reading your honesty and feeling like I have gotten to know your family. This blog post about Make - A - Wish made me think about a friend in my community who recently lost her daughter on their Make-A-Wish trip. I know we live a world away, but perhaps you could remember her in your prayers. We are indeed all daughters of our Heavenly Father. Wishing you the best!
    Brooke Mair Utah
    Ps the blog of my friend is


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