Friday, 19 October 2012

Long Weekends

Weekends always seem long since Aaron passed away. Before if a weekend seemed long it would've been wonderful as it meant we had more time to relax together, before Aaron had to go back to work on Monday.   Now I don't really look forward to weekends at all as it just reminds me more of who and what we are missing.

Last weekend we had a busy weekend planned which I was happy about.  It's always nice to keep busy so the weekend doesn't drag too much.  On Saturday we went out to my Mum and Dad's house for the day.  My brothers Jared and Eden were also there and their families, so we had a nice day hanging out with everyone before having a BBQ tea.   I love watching all my nieces and nephews have rides in the trailer on the back of the four wheeler.
Chloe and Lachie gave Jay a late birthday present.  The wrapping paper was so cute as Chloe had drawn on it and had written 'Jay Day'. I think it sounds much better than 'birthday'.

We stayed the night at Mum and Dad's and had lots of laughs playing board games and just hanging out.  It's so pretty and peaceful out there and the sunsets are always incredible.

The next morning it was a beautiful spring morning.

On Sunday we went to church with Mum and Dad and then spend a lovely afternoon at the park with Simone and Simon and Jus and their kids.  It was a beautiful day and it's always nice to catch up with great friends.

After a lovely afternoon we then went to the Christie's house for tea.   Makayla and Gavin also joined us which was nice as they just got engaged and we hadn't met Gavin yet.
Gavin was very sneaky and turned a photoshoot with the amazing Alana (who took our photos in Queensland) into an engagement photo shoot - not just capturing an engaged couple, but capturing the moment that he actually proposed! You can check out the beautiful photos here.

We had a fun time at the Christie's and it was lovely to catch up with them as we hardly see each other anymore.  Tayla spoilt us by making iced chocolates before tea.  Harri thought it was awesome that we were having dessert before tea :)

Jack also came out for tea at the Christie's and the boys loved having him there to muck around with (don't you just love how we all have blogs!:)   All afternoon Kobe wanted to go for a walk to the sculptures near the river which he calls the 'Pokeballs'  (the boys are into Pokemon way too much!). He was so happy to go for a walk with Tayla and Jack and Makayla and Gavin to see them.

Two posers

After tea we decided to play 'sardines'.  As teenagers Jayne used to come up to our house a lot and we'd play it on Sunday nights.  The boys were so excited and loved running around the house in the dark, looking for the spot where everyone was hiding. Tayla definitely had the best hiding spot - unfortunately only Tayla and Jack could fit under there!

It was such a fun night and it helped make the weekend not only go fast, but we also had a lovely time.  I wish every weekend was the same way. 

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  1. Your first photo is awesome! Those kids will remember that forever! And the pics with the pokeballs look like heaps of fun! I'm so glad you had a joyful weekend. :)


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