Tuesday, 16 October 2012

I want to go to Kinder!

It's hard to believe that Kobe will be starting school next year.  I'm happy for him as I know he's going to love it, but also very sad because he's my last to go to school and I will miss him a lot. 

Before Noah and Aaron passed away I was looking forward to him starting because I saw it as the first time in 13 years for me to have some time for myself.  I loved being a stay at home Mum but after being home full time for over 12 years, I was looking foward to having some days on my own.

Then when Noah passed away I felt very lost. I no longer had to watch the clock all day, or plan my whole day around Noah's needs after he got home from school.  If he was well enough to go to school I had to make sure that everything at home was organised before he got home, so my days have always been busy.

When Noah passed away I knew that I was ready to start working part time, and was very blessed to get a job straight away at the special school that Noah went to.  I didn't realise how blessed I really was until Aaron passed away as I realised that having a job wasn't just to give me something else to focus on, but was also necessary so we had a little bit of an income.
I love work, but I'm so glad that I'm only working part time because it's nice to still have days off with Kobe before he starts school.  Next year I hope that it works out so that I can work on the three days that he is at school, so that we still have two days at home together because now I just want to hold onto my days with him as long as possible.

It's so 'funny' how my thoughts have changed so much in the last 6 months or so.  Before I was looking forward to quiet days on my own, but now I dread them and want to keep as busy as possible.

Kobe would go to school every day next year if he was allowed to.  He is so excited about starting Kinder and has just started doing his pre-kinder sessions where he gets to go to school for an hour and a half on his own.

The first time he went he couldn't wait to pack his bag and go. 

He was so excited and was happy for me to leave straight away.
During the week he was supposed to go to his second session, but he had an awful cough for a few days and woke up coughing away.  I told him that I would have to take the day off work to stay home with him, so he could rest because he was too sick to go to daycare.
He was happy about that until he realised that he also couldn't go to pre-kinder.  He kept saying 'but my cough has gone now!' but would then start coughing a minute later.  I told him we had to take Harri to school, and he ran to his bedroom and yelled 'I'm getting my school hat!! I'm going to Kinder!'.  I told him he couldn't go and the whole way to school he kept crying.

When we got to school he walked in and kept saying 'I'm going to Kinder' and when I talked to the school Principal and asked her to remind Kobe that you couldn't go to school if you were sick, he threw his hat down on the ground in disgust and stomped off!

When it was time to go he kept yelling  and ran to the Kinder gate and stood on it screaming 'I want to go to Kinder!'.

I guess I wont have any trouble with him not wanting to go to school next year!


  1. That's great he is so eager to go :) Kobe always reminds me a lot of my little boy, he is starting 4yo kinder next year, will be 2.5 days a week, 15 hours. I was dreading giving him up that much. I already went through this once when I sent my daughter off to school. I had no one else at home, and was trying to have another baby after a miscarriage and was so miserable at the thought of being alone. I am not equating the grief of a miscarriage with the loss of your son and hubby, but just want to say I recognise how loss changes things ... that the luxury of time to yourself loses it's lustre.

    But now we have enrolled and know what the hours are and so on, I have a plan to study next year, and knowing he is really ready for it, and so keen to go. I hope once my study is complete I can get a job I like, like yours :)

  2. Poor little guy, he wants to go to school like his big brothers! Hope he makes the next session :)

  3. with that positive attitude Kobe is going to be the best student...go Kobster...love ya Nettie XXXXXX

  4. He looked so grown up with his back pack on. :)


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