Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Representing Kingy

Aaron was passionate about his sporting teams, whether it be a professional team like his beloved Hawks or his school team - Tamar.  Whenever there was a sporting carnival Aaron would design a new t-shirt to wear for the day.  This photo was taken at the 2009 carnival with his t-shirt he made for that year. 
He always came up with some funny slogan and this was on the back of the t-shirt he made that year. 

Last week I heard that the Kings Meadows High School athletics carnival was on, so Kobe and I went along to watch a little bit of it.  I saw some of his work colleages posting photos on Instagram of them wearing their team bands, so I searched through Aaron's box to find his. 

I then went through all of his clothes to find his old shirts he would wear, and decided to wear his KMHS top with 'Tamar' written on the back (and no I don't iron!:) I knew that Aaron would be happy that I was  representing him by going along and going for Tamar for him. 

It was nice to visit and catch up with some of his old workmates. I felt sad knowing that he would usually be the one on the microphone and would be cracking jokes and cheering Tamar on whenever he could. 

Kobe and I stayed for the relay races and these lovely grade 8 girls who are in Tamar came up to me with their first place ribbon after winning their relay.  They said that they wanted to give me the ribbon and said they won their race 'for Kingy'.  They had even written on the back of it for me. 

I know that Aaron would be proud of them. Not for winning but for being beautiful and thoughtful girls.  It touched me that they would do something so kind.


  1. One thing I love and miss about Aaron is that he lived with so much exclamation. I PITY THE FOOL!!!!!!

    I love to read back through his posts and tweets and it was always "On a hot date with my beautiful wife!!!!!"

    I know he's proud of you. (!!!!!!)

  2. How sweet of the girls, and what a nice comment from Allison. Thinking of you all!


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