Friday, 12 October 2012

The Possum Tree without Noah

When we lived at our old house I used to take a photo of the boys in front of a tree on the nature strip when it was in blossom.  It grew into a yearly tradition and it was fun to see how much the boys had grown from year to year.

Harri started to call it the 'possum tree' and when he would see the blossoms out he would yell 'it's time for the photo with the possum tree!'.   I can't get over how much Harri used to look like Kobe.

Noah's skinny phase

This was our last photo at the possum tree with Noah.  It was taken less than a month before he passed away.
We took this photo a few weeks ago.  I kept driving past our old house until we finally saw the tree was in blossom. It was sad not to have Noah in the photo, and I thought of all the years to come and how much the boys are going to grow - not just physically but also in many ways because of what they've been through.  I'm very proud of them all.


  1. It's spring in Australia now,right? (It's autumn here in Canada). What kind of tree is it? What's it's real name, do you know? It's lovely!

  2. Charmaine Campbell12 October 2012 at 10:22

    Oh that is sad to see it without Noah after all those with him. XOXOXOXO

  3. Those photos are beautiful. It is so heartbreaking to see the last one without Noah but your boys are looking good and it is so nice to see their beautiful smiles.
    You guys have gone through more than any one family deserves to go through, especially in such a small space of time.
    As well as being proud of your wonderful boys, you should also be proud of yourself. The fact that you are managing to hold it all together and give your boys a reason to smile again is truly inspiring.
    Aaron and Noah would be be so proud of you all!!

  4. Oh my heck, young Harri does look like Kobe! Such a lovely and bittersweet series of photos.

  5. What beautiful memories you've made by taking the time to photograph this each year. Love & blessings x

  6. You should be very proud of the boys.
    I am sure Aaron and Noah are looking down on you all.
    Love mum.

  7. So glad you're keeping up with the possum tree even though it's hard doing traditions x

  8. It is Autumn here in the States too. I'm in Central Illinois in a town called Tremont. To answer Pogue Mahone's question - the tree looks like a Redbud. We have them all over in the spring where I live. It is my favorite tree, I have two in my yard. They also have white bud trees too, I have one of each.

  9. They have a Super mother who has been such an awesome example to them... no wonder they are so strong...XXX

  10. thanks for sharing.


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