Saturday, 1 September 2012

For Kingy

Aaron loved his job as a teacher, but particularly loved coaching the school footy team. On Wednesday night Aaron's old team - the Kings Meadows High School senior firsts, played in the grand final at Aurora Stadium.

Unfortunately Harri had something on as I would've loved to have taken the boys to watch.   I was so touched to hear that the boys all wrote Aaron's name on their hands for the game, and they had his photo with them.  I also heard that the captain's speech was all about Aaron and they played the game in remembrance of him.   It was probably good that I didn't go as I probably would've been crying the whole way through. 

Aaron would've been proud of the boys no matter what, but I'm sure he was excited that they won the grand final.   I was so grateful that the school was able to email me photos.  As soon as I saw this photo of the boys holding Aaron's photo I burst into tears.  It's been a very teary few weeks, but this time it was happy tears as I was so glad that they show so much love to Aaron still.

On Thursday I got a call from the school to let me know that the whole team would be walking over to Aaron's grave from school, to pay their respects and place a copy of the premiership flag at his grave.  I really wanted to join them, but had an appointment.  When the photos came through to my email yesterday I sobbed as I was so touched that they would do such a beautiful thing.  

I hope he continues to influence their lives even after they leave high school.

The team stood united around his grave and sang the KMHS theme song. I have no doubt that Aaron was with them and would've been so happy and proud of them.

This week they play in the state grand final and I hope to be able to get there for a bit of it.

I went up later that afternoon and saw the flag on top of his grave and sat and had a good cry.   Storm clouds were starting to roll in as I sat there, and a rainbow came out right near his grave.   I'm so touched that the school continue to remember Aaron in such beautiful ways, and can't thank them enough for keeping his memory alive.  I'm continually blown away to know that Aaron, my husband, my best friend, touched so many lives.  To me and the boys he was everything, but I'm only just realising since he died how much he touched other people, and I'm so proud of him and love him more and more every day.  


  1. So awesomely (?) cool. Is that even a word? LOL Very respectful of all those young men :)

  2. Crimey, that made ME tear up! What a wonderful group of guys and how Aaron would have been so proud of them. What a wonderful gesture.

    Aaron obviously touched many lives during his school career. They will remember him always and no doubt always be inspired by him and his spirit.

  3. How wonderful is that. So beautiful to know that these boys are remembering such a good man and someone who influenced them for good. What a great blessing. Wonderful for your boys to see that he influenced others for good. Nice to see that his memory lives on in inspiring ways. Such a nice post.

  4. Oh, what a touching and emotional blog. What wonderful young men to be acknowledging Aaron in that way, he must've been one in a million Lisa and you certainly have every right to feel so proud of the influence he had on those students

  5. He lives courage and bringing out the best in those lives he touched....never to be forgotten...always to be remembered for the very special mentor and friend he is...XXXX

  6. That is the most touching thing I have ever seen. The photos don't let us see the feelings that must have been there as the kids acknowledged their hero. xx

  7. Lisa, that is just beautiful. I am in tears with you. How incredibly special Kingy was to so many.

    I don't always comment but I read your blog every day. Thanks for sharing your life.

  8. I heard. About it, and saw a photo, but it is only just now as I have gone to bed, that I have read the real story.
    What wonderful young men, and what a wonderful teacher and friend Aaron must have been to those boys, to show such love and respect for him.
    Yes, there are tears here too.
    How handsome Aaron looks in this photo, It is my favourite photo of him.
    Love mum.

  9. Such a beautiful and touching manifestation of their love for your husband. Thanks so much for sharing this with us.


  10. What a fantastic bunch of young guys. So thoughtful xx

  11. What a fantastic group of young boys, Your husband must have been an amazing person to touch them all so much. Thanks for sharing.


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