Monday, 3 September 2012

It's great to be 8

It was a hard weekend with Harri turning 8 on Saturday, Father's Day yesterday and I also had to talk at our church's (stake) conference on the same day.  I'm glad it's over as days like birthdays etc are just so hard without Noah and Aaron around.

Harri though was SO excited about his birthday which was nice.  It's lucky that he's so young as he didn't notice my lack of enthusiasm.  He woke up early, but was so patient in waiting for Kobe to wake up before opening his presents.  We dragged Jalen out of bed, so he could join in the fun at 7am.

Even just buying presents on my own is so hard as usually Aaron and I would talk about what we think he would like, and would go out and get them together.  Aaron usually had the job of wrapping presents too.  Harri was so happy with everything I got though.

Lego was the big theme of the day and he was so excited to get some new sets.

He spent all morning putting them together, and still has more to go.

At lunch time it was his baptism at church. He was lucky to be able to be baptised on his actual birthday, and was very lucky to have our whole family with us on the day - the Watsons came over from Melbourne and Uncle Chrish even flew down just for the day.

I was very emotional as I typed up the program for it, knowing that Aaron wasn't here to baptise him.  We were grateful that my brother Eden was able to though, and Harri was excited (and also a bit nervous) about it.

It was a beautiful baptism and we were so grateful to have so many friends come along for it.   Afterwards Harri said 'I feel so happy and think I made the right choice to get baptised Mum'.

The boys always get to choose where they would like to go to lunch or tea for their birthday.  The usual response is 'Maccas' so I was shocked when Harri said he wanted to go to the Casino for a buffet lunch.  It was lovely to all go together and the food was yummy. 

Grandma had been away in Sydney for over a week staying with Chrish, so it was nice to have her home again.

Everyone loves having Chrish home. We can't wait for December when he will hopefully be home for good.

It was a HUGE day as Harri also asked if we could go to Laser Tag, so we booked it for a party there and had a great time with all the Uncles and Aunties and cousins running around, shooting each other.   It was so funny seeing all the little kids with their huge packs on.


The coolest grandma ever!

Jay the pro who beat everyone both games.

It was nice to do something fun with the family.

Chrish was literally down for about seven hours, before having to dash back off the airport to catch a plane home.

Nic, the lovely Cupcake Fairy spoit us again and made Harri's birthday cake.  He requested a footy field and loved his cake. 

It turned out to be a nice day, even though it was hard not having Noah and Aaron with us. 


  1. The hardest times I have had have been doing things like buying presents, suddenly finding no-one to tell the good (or bad) things to when something unexpected happens, and the major days - like Fathers Day and birthdays. So... having all of those lumped together in a short time frame will be stressful, to say the least. I'm glad it was a great day for Harri, and hope things can start to improve for you quickly now these milestones have been passed!


  2. congratulations harri and happy birthday! looked soo fun and thats so funny that he chose buffet lunch at the casino! he must have good taste! xx

  3. The 1st times for imprortant dates are the hardest. Just know you are loved and admired.

  4. So glad Harri enjoyed his baptism day, and that he had a lot of fun, and the family could all be together.
    The laser tag photos look really cool.
    I thought it was hysterical seeing the little ones geared up, especially little Linc, who seemed like he was having a ball.
    First anniversaries ate always so hard, aren't they.
    You made It possible for Harri to have a really special day under the circumstances.
    He wi
    L a
    Ways remember it, and the years to come, as he gets older he will see that you tried your hardest for it to be a memorable occasion for him.
    I love you.
    Love Mum.

  5. Happy bday Harri! I don't know you personally but feel i've known you for a long time. I enjoy reading your updates and blog of your boys and family. Indeed it must be hard for you and your boys as You celebrate these precious times without Aaron and Noah. Find comfort in knowing they are watching from above in heaven and celebrating up there!! Know they are watching over you and your three beautiful boys.... Thank you for sharing your part of your life through this blog, I feel thankful to God for all the things I take for granted knowing how much you have been through and the heartache you must feel. I will continue to pray as I have previously that God will take care of your needs and fill you and your family with much love, joy and happiness. Xx

  6. My granddaughter was baptized on Saturday as well. It was a happy day for our family, too.

    It was lovely of Chrish to come for the few hours he could. I'm sure it made a big difference to the boys. And I'll be it is so good for them to be around him.

    Your mom is such a cute lady.


  7. Looks like you had an awesome Birthday Harri! Congratulations on your Baptism.


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