Thursday, 6 September 2012

Tassie Hawks Cup Winners

Because Aaron's old school footy team won the premiership flag for northern schools, they were able to play in the Tassie Hawks cup finals.  They won one game and also lost one which meant they were in the Tassie Hawks Cup grand final. 

Kobe and I went along to watch them play in the grand final, and I have to say I was so nervous for them! It was like Aaron was still there coaching them. I kept imagining how anxious he would've been if he were there with them.

It was an awful day and was pouring down for a lot of the game.

Kobe loved hanging out with Lou, one of Aaron's past colleagues.

At half time we went out to the field to join the team.  It was so nice seeing Aaron's photos out there with them.

The boys played so well.  Aaron would've been so proud of them.

In the end they won by 8 points, and all the Kings Meadows kids that were there watching ran out to join them.

The boys are all so lovely and I'm starting to see what Aaron saw in teaching High School kids.  We used to always talk about the differences between teaching High School and Primary, and I used to say that I could never teach High School, but I now see why he loved it so much and loved the kids so much.

One of the boys ran over to me at the end and put his arm around my shoulders and said they did it for Kingy, and I said that he would've been pumped and so proud of them.  Another boy came and gave Kobe his hat to keep and another one asked me if I'd like to stay for the presentation of the cup.

It was nice to see them all get their medals.  Their coach this year -  Mr Dean, made a speech about how Aaron was supposed to have been coaching them and how they played in remembrance of him. I felt very teary, but so proud and happy that they are still remembering him. 

Today there was a photo and article in The Examiner about them winning, and it was so nice to see them holding Aaron's photo.  Well done boys!  I know without a doubt Kingy would've been so proud of you all.  

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  1. I have to say, that picture of Kobe is one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time! What a stinkin' cute boy! (Is that just an American saying? :))


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