Thursday, 20 September 2012

Madame Tassuads

While we were in Sydney we realised that there was a Madame Tussauds that had opened recently.  When we were looking at the website the boys saw that there was a figure of Iron Man there and were so excited and said they definitely wanted to go.

I had seen things about Madame Tussauds in other parts of the world and was always amazed at the life like figures, so thought it would be a fun place to go to.   I didn't realise though how awesome it would actually be.

I was expecting to walk in and just see a big room full of figures. I expected to ooh and aaah over them and to be amazed, but it was so much better than I expected.

There were many different rooms with different themes from world leaders, sporting legends, music superstars, TV and film stars, historical figures, our cultural heritage, and a room dedicated to showing how Madame Tussauds came about.

I expected that we would be told to put our camera away and that we would have to buy over priced 'professional' photos at certain areas, but was so happy to see that you could take photos anywhere and everywhere, you could actually touch the figures and the best (and funnest!) part was that there were props provided and you could actually dress up and each area had interactive parts.

The boys loved that they could get involved and dress up and loved that there was so much to do.

The figures are so life like.  You can see each pore of their skin, each hair is real and inserted strand by strand and the eyes are made from acrylic glass to match the eyes exactly of the model.   It was awesome to stand next to each model and see exactly how tall or short they are, and to see the frame of their bodies.  Some of them were so tiny (like Kylie Minogue) and others were huge (like Nelson Mandella).

The world leaders room.

The part with the Oval Office looked awesome.  Harri sat there forever pretending he was on the phone, making a very important phone call.

The Queen gave up her throne for us.

Harri had to make a very important announcement with Prime Minister Julie Gillard. It's obviously a good one as she looks pretty happy about it.  

The sporting section was really fun with lost of things to do.  The boys loved being able to play tennis with Lleyton Hewitt, play golf with Greg Norman, stand on the Olympic podium with Dawn Fraser, play cricket with Shane Warne, hold the Olympic torch with Cathy Freemon and even got to sit in a replica section of an F1 car with Mark Webber.  

One of our favourite sections was the music section.    

The boys were SO excited to be next to their idol Michael Jackson (Harri really wasn't grumpy - that was just his serious posing face all day :) 

I've got chills, they're multiplying!

 The boys loved being able to be in a rock band with Jimmy Barnes and John Farnham - mullets and all!

I just had to take this pic for Mum as she LOVES Keith Urban and once got a kiss on the cheek from him at a concert.

The boys loved the movie section and were so excited to see Iron Man and Wolverine.

It was fun being able to jump in an be interviewed by Rove and Oprah.   We were even up on the TV screens.

Don't you love Kobe's wave! It's like he's the Queen or something.

The cultural heritage and heroes of our time room was really fun. 

It was amazing to learn how the figures we made.  Each figure is made after meeting with the celebrity (where possible) and taking over 150 photos of them.  300 measurements are taken and over 20 artists are involved in making each one, costing around $220,000 each! The celebrities even donate their own clothing for their wax figures.  

The figures were so lifelike that just for a second you would forget that they were figures and would feel nervous being so close to them, or looking into their eyes.

Sometimes we would even see a person who was real who was standing still and for a second we would think they were actually a figure!

It was so much fun and the boys didn't want to leave.  Kobe actually cried when it was time to go saying 'I want to stay here longer and have more fun!!'.

It is definitely something we would recommend going to and was worth the money for sure. 


  1. Wow they all look so real! I would love to go next time we go to Sydney. It looks like the boys (and you) had fun!

    Holli xo

  2. Well I don't use the word "awesome" much, but that is truly awesome.
    I would love to see that.
    I will have to get Chrish to take me there before he comes back to Tassie, if I get back up to Sydney.
    What a lot of fun it looked.
    Love mum.

  3. I want to go there now, didn't realise it was so good.

  4. I didnt know it was so cool either. My boys would love this!

  5. Oh my gosh that looks like a blast!! My daughters would love all that posing! I have been to the wax museum in Victoria BC Canada but it is NOTHING like this. How fun to be able to get so close and the props! Too fun :)

  6. Hi Lisa - what a great place! It looks like you and your boys had a fantastic time. Visiting Sidney is on my bucket list - maybe one day I will get to do it, and get to visit this place. It looks like such a beautiful city. Thanks for the recap!


  7. Wow that place is amazing! Will have to check it out someday if I'm ever over on that side of the world or look for one closer. Looks better than the wax museum!

  8. how fun does that look!!!! Awesome!


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