Saturday, 15 September 2012

Daddy's Favourite!

Aaron loved all things sport - well I should say most sports. He wasn't too keen on rugby, but he absolutely loved American football.   He LOVED this time of the year with the AFL finals happening and also the American football season starting.

I have been seeing my American friends counting down to the American football season on Facebook, and when I saw a friend post this pic I thought how much Aaron would've loved it. 

When Aaron passed away his facebook cover photo was of Tebow from the Broncos.  He would be so excited about the start of the season.

One day we were driving to the cemetery and we drove past the Kings Meadows Bowls Club which is right near the cemetery entrance. It's a lawns bowls club and we often see lots of oldies there, enjoying a game together.

Kobe was SO excited one day when we drove past and saw them all out playing and yelled 'it's Daddy's favourite!!'.  I asked him what he meant and he said 'It's Daddy's favourite! Daddy loved the Superbowl!'.

We couldn't stop laughing when we realised that Kobe thought Aaron loved sitting around watching old people play lawn bowls. 

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