Monday, 24 September 2012

Todd's Gold Medal

Tonight when we got home after school we were excited to have a visit from Todd and his Mum Gerry. They had come by to share something exciting with us.  Todd had recently participated in the Paralympic Games in London and had won a gold medal in the shot put!

Todd goes to our church and is a great guy.  We loved watching him on TV when he won his medal and loved how he celebrated.   They nicknamed him 'The Hulk' which made us smile.  Not only did he win the gold medal but he also broke the world record!  It is so awesome to see him do so well, especially as he's had a lot of challenges in life (you can read more about Todd in The Australian).

The medal was very heavy and much bigger than I expected.   It was awesome to be able to hold it.

The boys were so excited to be able to hold it and wear it.

Thanks so much Todd for coming around and sharing it with us, and telling us all about your awesome experience.  For anyone local Todd is home in Tassie for a little while before returning back to Canberra where he trains.  He is happy to come and talk at schools about his experience. 

p.s. A lovely reader of my blog sent me a message saying she felt I should be nominated for the 'top 25 Aussie Mum blogs' on a website called Circle of Mum's.  I have no idea about these things as I never enter them, but thought I'd give it a go. You don't win anything except the recognition of having your blog in the top 25.  I guess I'm entering as I love to share my boys - those with me and in Heaven and want to share with more people our life with Noah and the struggles and blessings of having a child with a disability, because I feel like that isn't shared enough. 

The voting has been going on for a while, so I probably don't have a chance, but if you would like to vote there is a link to vote on the top right of my blog or you can vote by clicking here.    At the moment by blog is listed under the 'pending approval' tab. 

You can vote once every 24 hours, so if you feel like voting keep jumping on to vote again.

Thanks in advance!

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