Saturday, 22 September 2012

Central Coast

While in Sydney we were looking forward to going up to the Central Coast and spending some time at the beach and with our good friends Penny and Wayne.  When Jay and Noah were little it was easy to travel so we often spent weeks at a time at their house.  As Noah got bigger it wasn't as easy to travel with him, so we haven't spent any time with them since Harri was born, but whenever we see them it feels like we have never been apart.

I was very brave and drove up from Chrish's house and had a stiff neck and shoulders by the time I got there from the stress! Give me Tassie driving any day.  I was just glad to know that once I got there I could relax. 

We called into Penny's work on the way through to say hi before heading to Terrigal beach.  I have lots of lovely memories of being there with Noah and Aaron, so it was very bitter sweet sitting on the beach, remembering the times that we were there together. 

The weather was so beautiful so it was so nice to just sit on the beach and watch the boys have so much fun together.

Some of the waves were quite big and Harri got dumped a couple of times.  He would come up out of the water laughing and would yell 'that was for you Dad!!'.

The boys decided to play a little bit of footy and Kobe was the designated umpire.

Penny joined us after work at the beach (unfortuately Wayne was at home as he wasn't feeling well) and brought along lots of fun things for the boys to use.

We then had a beautiful tea of fish and chips (and the works) right by the beach at dusk.

For dessert we had Cold Rock which the boys were so excited about.  The last time we had it was in Hobart the day before Noah passed away.

It was lovely to stay at Penny and Wayne's the night and to catch up with them and also their daughter Kate who we hadn't seen for years.  Harri and Kobe hadn't met her yet, and only met Penny and Wayne the night before Noah's funeral, but they loved staying there. I'm upset I didn't actually take any photos with Wayne and Kate.

The next morning was actually Jay's birthday.   We had already celebrated it at home and he had opened his presents the week before, but he still had a special day.    Penny took us all out for breakfast at Avoca Beach. 

It was such a beautiful morning and was 21 degrees by 10 am.

After breakfast we soaked up some sun before going shopping so Jay could spend his birthday money he had been given.

Even though our stay with Penny and Wayne was short we loved it and hope to get back to stay with them for longer next time. Kobe was crying as we were leaving 'I want to stay longer with Penny and Wayne!! I wuv them so much!'. 

For tea we met back up with Chrish and went out for a buffet meal at a place that we went to last year when Mum and I went to Sydney for TOFW.    I had to laugh at the difference between what Harri and Jay would choose to eat.  Harri kept going back for plate after plate of salad and pasta, while Jay chose plates of fried foods.  No need to ask which one is my healthy boy and which one has health problems!

Jay had a lovely birthday and it was so nice to spend some of it at the beach.  I find being at the beach so therapeautic.  I often wish that we lived near the beach and imagine myself just sitting there writing or soaking up the sun all day.  If only life were so simple.


  1. Looks like a nice trip! I can't believe how pretty that beach is - and warm! I hope to make it to Australia one day. I especially loved the pic of Jay throwing up the sand - nice shot, Lisa!

  2. I agree, gorgeous shots! Reminds me to take more pics of my family actually. I love the "That was for you Dad!!" quip :)

  3. Love it! How wonderful to have such good friends.

  4. I know what you mean about sydney driving Lisa. I can't believe I ever lived there and drove in that mayhem ever day, dont think I could cope now.x

  5. I'm glad you got some sun after our Winter, and that Jalen had a great birthday xx


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