Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mother of a Teenager!

I'm not sure how I got so old, so fast. Today Jalen turns 13. I'm the mother of a teenager!! How did that happen!?

Jay always knew what he wanted to do for his 13th birthday - have a sleep over with his best friends from school.  We had even talked about it before Aaron passed away.  He has never really had a big sleepover with friends at our house, because it was always too hard with Noah as we were often up in the night with him.

Jay invited his four best friends over at the end of last week and was so excited.  Three of them went to Primary School together, so it's nice that they are still good friends in High School.   They are such lovely boys and it was nice to have them around.

It was a very noisy night, but they had lots of fun eating, playing computer games, wrestling and just being boys. I was definitely outnumbered! 

We have been so spoilt this year by Nicole - 'The Cupcake Fairy' who has made us such beautiful cakes and treats since Aaron passed away.  She promised the boys she would make their birthday cakes and Jay asked for a Minecraft theme. Poor Nic wasn't really sure what Minecraft was, but did an awesome job on the cake making a Minecraft cube with 'grass' on top. It looked so cool and Jay absolutely loved it.

Thank you so much to anyone and everyone who subscribed to Jay's YouTube channel.  It was his goal to get 100 subscribers before his birthday and he went WAY over that and is so happy about it.

It made my night to see Jay smiling and having fun with his friends.

It was a long and loud night with the boys not going to sleep till 4am.  They were still up bright and early for breakfast though.

Harri and Kobe loved having the boys here and Jay was nice enough to let them hang out with the boys a lot as well.  Kobe was in heaven having so many boys to talk to.

I feel very lucky to be the Mum of a teenager, who is such a great kid.  Jay makes me so proud with the decisions that he makes and the person that he is.  I know Aaron would be proud of him too. 


  1. Happy Birthday Jay!!! Looks like a fantastic party :)

  2. It looks like ALL your boys enjoyed the sleep over. What a fantastic cake!! Enjoy your big 13 year old! :)

  3.!! What a great mom you are!!!

  4. awww so brilliant. Happy birthday Jay. So happy you have such amazing boys Lisa. And what a sweet girl Nicole has been with all those cakes! Very special x

  5. It's darling that he is willing to let his little brothers be part of the fun. Not every big bro would do that, especially a teenage one!


  6. Happy Birthday Jay! It is my birthday today too!

    Kate from Minnesota

  7. Teenagers...scary?

    I'm the mama of 4 boys as well. We are a rare breed, no? I still have 4 years before my oldest becomes a teenager and it terrifies me. :)

    What an awesome brother. I'm not sure mine would be so nice to his littles. You are one blessed mama to have such a sweet boy.


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