Sunday, 24 June 2012

Landscaping Awards

Last night Simone joined me as my date to the Landscape Industries Association of Tasmania Awards night. I had been asked to go along as a special guest to present the Award for Services to the Community, after all the lovely landscapers volunteered to make over our yard back in March this year.

It was strange seeing all the landscapers dressed up in their suits and dresses.  We had a lovely buffet meal and got to sit with Patrick and his family, who was first approached by Aaron's cousins Jessi-Rose and Tracey to help do our garden. It was actually quite an interesting night to see all the awards. We were amazed at how much some people are able to spend on their landscaping - some up to $150,000.  Simone was dreaming about how nice that would be at her new house when it's finished.

Patrick spoke about what happened and why they decided to do our yard for us, and was so lovely in saying that he felt it was very well deserved and how happy he was to be able to help.   While he was speaking they showed before and after photos of our yard on the big screen.

I was then able to present all those who were involved with a special certificate which was framed.

It was so lovely to see them all again, and to be able to thank them once more for doing such a generous and lovely thing for us. 


  1. Nice to see their happy faces again.
    What great people.
    They scrub up well.
    Love mum

  2. You are beautiful!!! How wonderful of them to do that and make your life a little more easier for you and the boys.

  3. What great people! I even feel thankful for what they did...and I'm just a stranger who reads your blog!!


  4. What a great group of people, how wonderful you got to thank them publicly :) You look lovely!

  5. so nice to see those generous people receive the appreciation for their amazing generosity...i bet every time you look at and enjoy your gorgeous garden you will remember them (perhaps in their suits annd all scrubbed up?)
    after seeing Simones PADDOCK today i can see why she would love it to see the same transformation take place there...!!!!!


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