Friday, 22 June 2012

Amazing Friend, Amazing Family

A huge highlight of our recent holiday was meeting Naomi who has the blog Seven Cherubs.  We had never met in person but Naomi was literally someone who helped to change our lives for the better after Aaron passed away.  After reading on my blog what had happened, she quickly set up a fundraising page and in just a few weeks she was able to help raise so much money with the generous donations of hundreds of people locally and all around the world.  The money was able to help us through a tough few months as we waited for Aaron's life insurance money to finally come through, and also helped to pay off our mortgage, as well as pay for Aaron and Noah's plaques at their graves.

I was amazed that someone who didn't even know us, would be so kind and just do something so huge for us. Her original plan was to raise enough money to pay for Aaron's funeral and to pay for the plaques, but we were all blown away with how much money was raised in the end.

It was so lovely to finally meet her and her gorgeous family of seven kids! Her husband Matthew had actually served his mission in Tasmania many years ago and I remember him being in our ward, so it was fun to talk about the good old days with him.   Naomi is so lovely and also hilarious and was making us laugh the whole time.

Her kids were all so cute and the youngest ones were especially excited to meet us. When we arrived they were giggling and hiding behind the curtains.   It was nice to have lunch with them before going to church with them.

I could never thank Naomi enough for what she has done for us. She is so humble and kind and just keeps saying 'you don't need to thank me' but of course I feel like I can never pay her back for her kindness. 

It was nice to go to church with them before going to have tea with family that night.  Their chapel is huge and so beautiful.  Here she is obviously telling us some story about a big fish, while my boys go feral in the background! ;) Mum and Chrish are looking very thrilled by it all hey!? ;)

Thank you Naomi once again for all you have done for me and my boys. I imagine Aaron and Noah smiling down, being so grateful that a 'stranger' would just jump in and change our lives like you did. You'll forever be a special friend.   Naomi blogged about meeting us on her blog here.


  1. I am so glad that you got to meet Naomi. I am so in awe of what she did for you and the boys. As I watched what Naomi was doing with the fundraising page, the huge heartache i felt (feel) for you, lifted just a little as my heart filled with gratitude for this beautiful lady.

  2. What an incredibly giving and thoughtful woman. And how wonderful it must have been to meet her in person!

  3. So lovely to meet you and your family Lisa. Was the highlight of my year having you come over and chill out in our home. Hoping we can catch up again sometime soon. N xx

  4. What a great friend she has been to you. Just goes to show that real friends can be made online, eh?



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