Thursday, 28 June 2012

Build a Bear Workshop

One of the things that Harri really wanted to do during our trip to Queensland was go to the Build a Bear Workshop and make his own bear.  A friend from school had been there on a trip and had shared her bear with the class, and he talked about it for weeks.  He couldn't wait to get there and was so excited to be able to choose his own bear.

It is the coolest shop where they are able to choose a bear out of a number on the wall, and they then get to help stuff the bear.

You can even record your own voice or put sounds in your bear, but we didn't do that.   Someone had commented on my instagram photos when I took them, that they always take their kids there for their third birthday, and they get to make a bear and they record their cute little three year old voice to put inside the bear, so they always have their young child's voice forever. I thought that was a beautiful idea, and wish we had a shop here in Tasmania so we could've done something like that with all the boys when they were younger.

You then choose which outfit and accessories you want the bear to have.  Harri went straight to the sports section, but as soon as he saw the Ironman outfit he was sold on that one.

 Kobe chose to have a Buzz Lightyear bear and it is pretty cute. 

You can also give your bear a wash (fluff up the fur).

Jalen was quite happy to let Harri and Kobe do it, but then he saw the cool outfits and decided he wanted to make one too.  He decided on the Hulk 'because it was manly!' (he said as he thumped his chest trying to reassure himself that it was okay to make a bear :).

The boys love their bears and it's such a special keepsake from our holiday.  It is a beautiful shop and such a great idea.  It meant so much more to them because they got to create them from scratch.


  1. What no photo of Jay cuddling his teddy too! Bummer! Glad you were able to take the boys there, especially Harri since he really wanted to go.

  2. Had to laugh about the 'bear-maker'
    She didn't look exactly happy about her job.
    Love Mum.

  3. My kids also love Build A Bear, and when we make it back to England, it is one of the first trips we do.

    Sometimes I think it would be great to have one here in Switzerland, but then we would end up spending a fortune on bears and outfits, so maybe keeping it as a special holiday thing is better...

    I think it is great that all the boys made one. Did you do one for yourself Lisa?

  4. This is such a cute idea .... looks like loads of fun

  5. What an awesome idea. What will they come up with next?

  6. That is the coolest. I've decided a trip to the Gold Coast is in order...not just for Will either. I think Pete and I would get just as big a thrill to do the teddy thing. x

  7. we love build a bear. Mia has decided on having her 6th Birthday party there! lots of fun

  8. build a bear is awesome, Junior and Abby both have bears from our visit several years ago.

  9. I love build a bear! I still have mine from 8 years ago :D

  10. My grandkids love their bears from build-a-bear.


  11. I bought myself a build a bear when I had just finished sixth grade. I had so much fun! I still have the bear and her two outfits packed away in some box at my parents out. I like the three-year-old idea too! So cute!

    Your kids are so beautiful. Seriously, every day that I read your blog I think that.

  12. I am so glad your boys ALL made bears... Too sweet and therapeutic for all ages, no doubt!
    LOVE the pics/story -
    Laura in NY

  13. What a great idea. I was waiting for a photo of Christian with his Crows bear though.

  14. I love build a bear. A Breast Cancer support group up here in Qld actually provide these for cancer mum's who go in for treatment. They can record their voices and let their children use it, or record their childrens voices and have that to listen to when alone in hospital. I haven't used one myself but sent one to a lady who's little boy was very sick and didn't have long to go. She was able to get him to record some words on it and then the little brothers got to use it to hear his big brother when he was missing him. You can actually put special wishes inside them as well.

    So special. And so glad the boys got to make one. You really should have made one for yourself!!!

  15. How cool is that shop hey? We took lacey to one in melbz a few years ago and she choose a pony! so cute. We're going to melb nxt wk...So i think it's BJ turn now to do one! I wish tassie could catch up with the mainland a little with things like this!


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