Monday, 4 June 2012

My Baby is Four

I can't believe my baby is four!  I have no idea where the last four years went, but Kobe definitely livened up our lives with his beautiful, cheeky, fun personality.  I have been thinking a lot today about when he was born and how happy we all were.  I will always treasure Kobe's birth post that Aaron posted for me after he was born. I think it was the only time Aaron ever blogged on here, and it still makes me smile with his funny jokes throughout it.   As Aaron said in the post - when Kobe came along 'life was good'.

We decided to celebrate Kobe's birthday a day early so his cousins and Uncles and Aunties could come along.  He knew his birthday wasn't until today, but he woke up yesterday morning and said 'is it my birthday today!?'. I told him it was his party day and that he could get up and open his presents. 
My Mum and Dad had stayed the night before so it was nice for them to be with us, while he opened up the presents.

He was so excited and loved them all.  We went to see The Muppets at the movies in January before Aaron passed away and we all loved it so much, so he was so excited to get the DVD.

He was especially excited to get a Kermit the Frog soft toy to go along with it. 

Grandma made him his favourite breakfast - pancakes.

He was also excited to get a package from a lovely family from the USA - thank you for being so kind!

He was also excited to get a visit from Alison who bought him some more muppet soft toys and other special things. 

I feel so blessed to have so many kind people want to do things to help us. I had a couple of offers of people wanting to help out by making the boys birthday cakes this year.  I felt bad that I had to say no, but was so grateful to know that I didn't have to worry about the cake, especially since Aaron was often the one who made them.

Nicole, the lovely Cupcake Fairy once again spoilt us and made Kobe a cake of his choice.  I thought he would go for the Wiggles like he did last year, but instead he asked for a Blues Clues cake as he loves watching the old DVDs.   The cake looked so cute and she even made him some special cupcakes to go with it.

He couldn't wait for his birthday tea to have one, and got into them as soon as he got home from church. 

It was nice having the family around, but we missed Nicki and Alex (who now live in Melbourne) and Chrish.

 Kobe loved having a talk to 'Uncle Pish' on the phone though. 

Kobe loves it so much when his cousins come around.  It's always noisy, but it's always so nice to have the family around.

Mum and Jared looking excited about the whole thing ;) 

Happy birthday Kobes.  It's hard to believe that you are now four and that means you get to start school next year! I know how much you will love that.  I wish you would stop growing right now though and stay just the way you are.


  1. Happy happy birthday Kobe! With a smile that lights up the world I'm sure life has many, many wonderful things ahead for you. Bless you

  2. Happy Birthday Kobe! We are so glad you had a great birthday party! Thanks for posting a picture of him with the package. He is so cute!

  3. Yes its hard to Believe how time goes so quick Lisa. I remember us both with baby tummies dropping kids of to school an waiting to see the new babies. You beat me by a week lol Mia turns 4 next Wednesday and it only seems like yesterday they were born. I'm glad Kobe had an amazing birthday and wish all of you our thoughts and love the kids luv reading your blog and seeing what the boys are up too.
    Regards Ellie Welsh xx

  4. This little chap makes me smile everytime I see his grin - usually from ear to ear. Have a happy day blessed Kobe.

  5. awesome awesome. Rosie Posie got a scooter too for her birthday. Happy birthday Kobe... Love that cheeky face!!!

  6. Looks like he had a great day!


  7. Happy Birthday to Kobe, you are one super cute little guy!!

  8. We cant believe you didnt know it was us singing you Happy Birthday Kobe..hope your day was Kelv and Nettie XXXXX

  9. Happy birthday Kobe!! I can't believe that he is 4!! I love his cheeky grin, and he looks SO cute in his church clothes :) xxx

  10. Happy Birthday Kobe. You and Harri can thank me for your presence here on earth as it took a lot of long distance nattering from yours truly to get you boys conceived. (that's how babies are made right?)

  11. Im laughing at that photo of your Mum and Jared striking the same pose on the couch. It looks like you had a very busy lovely day Kobe and I hope you enjoy all your cool presents.

    Wuv You. xx

  12. Four is always my favorite age of my children! There's something magical about 4!

  13. he's so cute! glad he had a great day and very cool cakes!!!

  14. What a FUN day! :) The cake was beautiful and I'm laughing at your mum on the couch. Funny.


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