Monday, 18 June 2012

Sea World

During our holiday to the Gold Coast we did three theme parks in three days. On the third day we went to Sea World.   We liked it a lot, but it was the least favourite of the theme parks - probably because the boys and I love the rides more than the shows and looking at things. It was nice to have a bit of a slower paced day though and it's always cool to see such beautiful creatures.

The shows at Sea World are very impressive though.  We especially loved the dolphin show, and Harri kept asking if we could go back to watch it again later in the day.

Kobe's favourite part of the day was the Sponge Bob Squarepants parade, which Mum declared as the worst part of the day :)   It was actually pretty cool if you are into Sponge Bob and the floats were beautiful and had bubbles coming out of them the whole time.

Just after the parade we were walking along and Kobe screamed 'a bird pooed on me!!'.  It cracked us up as he looked disgusted at it on his hand!

 The boys also loved the sea lion show.  It was very funny (and corny) and they did awesome tricks.

The jetski show was also pretty impressive with the stunts they were doing.

We thought we'd pull some stunts of our own on the paddle boats.  It looked like fun but it actually killed my legs so much! The whole time I was moaning and telling Chrish to turn around as I thought I was going to die! ;)

 You of course can't go to Sea World without taking a ride on the monorail.

One of the funnest things of the day was going on the pirate ships where you get to spray people on the side with water, and they spray water at you. We were warned before we got on that we would most likely get drenched but we didn't care.

We had a bit of a laugh as there were a couple of women who got on with their young kids and were SO cranky with everyone spraying them. I'm sure they would've been told, just like we were, that they would get soaked but they were screaming at everyone on the side to 'stop it! I mean it! We have babies on here!' as they were ducking for cover.    

Chrish, Jay and I spent a lot of the day going on a ride called Jet Rescue.  It is a low to the ground fast roller coaster which I could handle :)  It was really fun and it was good as we could get pretty much straight back on as the lines were really short all day. While we were on that Kobe and Harri loved spending time in the kids section watching the Dora the Explorer show and going on the rides.

There's always something magical about a beautiful carousel.  I could sit on them all day long.

We had a lovely day at Sea World and was looking forward to having a 'quieter' day the next day.


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful holiday. I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures in QLD on your holiday. Went to Sea World years ago ..... from your photos I can see that it has changed heaps. Love the penguins. They are such cute little creatures. Nice to see you all so happy and having fun.

  2. We've only been to Sea World in San Diego, CA, but our kids always loved it.


  3. I'm out of the loop! It has been to long since I've dropped in. Looks like a gret trip. Happy belated birthday!

  4. Glad that you had a wonderful holiday. You deserve it. Haven't been to Seaworld yet but found Underwater World on the Sunshine Coast was fabulous and ended up being "kissed"by a seal. My hair stank for some time after that:)


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