Sunday, 17 June 2012

Birthday Surprises

I'm taking a break from the holiday blog posts because today I turned 38.  It's hard to believe that I'm that old.  To me it sounds old and I feel anything but 38, but then I think about how young it is to be a widow.   I wasn't looking forward to my birthday without Noah and Aaron, but I also wasn't really dreading it like I was Mother's Day.

During the week Jay said to me ' you know how I was sulky and moody on Mother's Day? Well I've decided I'm going to make your birthday extra special'.  I had a feeling he was making me something on the computer, but wasn't sure what he was up to.

Last night while we were having tea Harri said 'Mum, we didn't get you any birthday presents sorry'. I told them that it was okay and that I didn't want any presents and then Kobe comes out with 'yes we did!! We bought some with Alison!!'.  Harri then yelled 'Kobe!!! It's supposed to be a surprise'. It made me laugh as Kobe was just so excited to tell me. He then told me 'we got you some pyjamas and chocolates!'.

This morning I heard my phone vibrate and I had a look and this was the message. 

My amazing friends Simone, Lisa and Kellie had turned up on the doorstep with bags of food, aprons on and dressed like waitresses, ready to cook me a beautiful breakfast.  Alison had turned up at the same time with the presents from the boys and food that Jay had asked to bring around for breakfast.  It was nice to know that the boys had wanted to do something special as well.

Kobe couldn't wait to rip open the present he got for me with Alison, and cracked open the chocolates even before we had breakfast. 

The girls started to cook breakfast while I jumped in the shower.

When I came out they had the table all set with cute menus and all. 

The boys loved it, and we kept saying how my birthdays wouldn't usually be that special. Aaron would've usually whipped me up some pancakes or something, and we would've done something special but he would not have gone to such an effort.   Masterchef Lisa was making sure all the finishing touches were perfect.

Simone was cracking us up as she was taking our orders.  We just had to video it. Excuse Jalen's shaky hand.

It was so lovely to have such a special surprise and it made the day so much better than it was going to be, as I got to share the morning with such good friends.

During the morning Jay showed me my birthday surprise he had been working on.  It was a video of him and the boys, and my Mum and Dad and Alison all wishing me a happy birthday. I LOVED it and it made me teary to know he would do something so special for me.

After church we headed to the cemetery. It was the first time we had been there since getting back from our holiday.   

It was so nice to see some beautiful words left in a frame at Aaron's grave from some of Aaron's lovely past students.
Ever since going to Movie World, all the boys want to do is play superheroes.  It made me laugh at the cemetery today because often when we are there we are sad and there are tears, but today they decided to play superheroes instead.   It was nice to be there with the boys and not see them so sad.

 Kobe did a commando roll in his church shirt and it ended up worse for wear! 

Before we left we left a monkey for Noah that we bought at Movie World. 

During the morning Nicole the amazing Cupcake Fairy dropped in with the most amazing birthday cake for me. She asked me a while ago what we would like for birthday cakes and I told her it was okay - that I would sort them out. She then basically said something like 'shut up and just tell me as you know I'm going to make them anyway' :) I told her that I would love anything with chocolate and lollies.  It couldn't have been more perfect!  It almost looked too good to eat! We had it after tea tonight and the boys sang happy birthday to me, before I cut into it.   Kobe however was devastated as I didn't put candles on it. He kept crying and crying until I finally gave in and put a candle on it so he could help me blow it out.

It turned out to be a much nicer birthday than I thought, thanks to some amazing friends.  I'm sure Aaron and Noah were so grateful to them for helping to make what could've been a really hard day, much brighter.


  1. I cherish EVERY birthday now after reading your Blog.
    "Growing old is a privlege denied to many!"
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Lisa!
    What gorgeous friends you have! I'm so happy you got spoiled on your birthday!

  3. Happy Birthday Lisa, what a wonderful group of friends! Best wishes for you and the boys xxx

  4. Happy Birthday Lisa! All of the sweet things done by your friends and loved ones were amazing. Jay's video made me cry. What a very sweet gift!

  5. those girls do you xxxx

  6. You have such amazing friends that obviously love you and your kids to bits. What a great birthday and I'm so happy you get the chance to feel some happiness in your life. I'm not sure how you do it, but you are one amazing 38 year old!!

  7. Birthdays are to be treasured for we never know what's around the corner. As adults we are too quick to dismiss our birthdays as not important - but they are.

    You have the most beautiful boys and caring friends.

    Happy birthday...I'm glad it was happy for you, even if not the 'happy' you expected. I'll be 38 soon too...yikes!

  8. So so good to hear you laugh. Love you heaps. Happy birthday, Kingy.

  9. Loved being able to "peek" in on your special B'day celebration. Laughter is great medicine! Your boys are so sweet and handsome, too!

  10. Happy Birthday! I'm so glad you have such amazing friends. It makes me want to be a better friend myself. BTW, your doppleganger was on House Hunters International the other day. She's from Australia too, Norfolk Island.

  11. Aw, Jay - what a fabulous video to make for you mom! Those are the best kind of gifts, the ones from the heart.

  12. I loved Jay's video to you and have to admit it made me tear up. You are obviously so loved by your boys, family and friends :)

    Happy Birthday!

  13. Happy Birthday Lisa! You're friends are real friends, it's great what they did! The video of Jalen makes me cry, he's such a lovely boy!

  14. Happy Birthday, Lisa. Your friends are awesome! What a wonderful gift to you and to the boys. The videos were wonderful, especially the one for your birthday. The cake looked amazing! Glad your day was made so special by all of those you love and who love you.

  15. Birthday Greetings. What a day you had. What lovely friends you have and the video how thoughtful and kind amazing thought boy

  16. Happy birthday, Lisa. We share the same first name and you share a birthday with my oldest son, Key. He turned ten today!!

  17. So glad your birthday was better than you anticipated. You deserve a wonderful day, and birthday!

    Today is the 6th anniversary of my sister becoming a widow too. She was 32 with a 2 year old baby girl. It's especially hard being Father's Day. She and you remind me so much of one another. Great women, great moms...

  18. Happy Birthday Lisa! I am glad your day was a good one!

  19. Oh what wonderful friends way to start your day!... wishing I could have given you a birthday hug! I love you!

  20. What a beautiful day! Made me all teary :)
    Love you xxx

  21. Love this blog :) Simone's a crack up and Jalens video is beautiful. He's a wonderful son. I'm glad you had a happy day. xxx

  22. I love the video..... the one by Jay, that is!!! :) I'm glad your 3 beautiful boys on earth were able to help make your day special and I know Aaron and Noah were sending all their birthday love and laughing at your three daggy friends. xxx

  23. Your friends are so dear, and I loved the video of your cute family "ordering."

    The video from Jalen made me cry, and the super heroes made me laugh.

    Happy birthday.


  24. Happy Birthday Lisa!
    I know that you don't even know me, but I read your blog about every other day, so I feel like I know you. I am so glad that you have the cutest friends ever and that they took care of you on your special day. Aren't friends the best? The video that your son made had me in tears as it was just so sweet. My cute daughter is just waiting for her mission call in the next couple weeks. I told her maybe you will serve in Australia and you can go find Lisa King and give her a hug for me. You are one of the bravest moms I know and I admire you very much! If she does get a call to Australia, I will be letting you know :) It's a long shot but you never know. Until then, consider yourself hugged! Happy Birthday again! Much love and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead sent your way from the USA. _ Jeri in Utah


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