Thursday, 19 May 2011

Six Weeks Later

Yesterday Bec and I ,headed out to visit Pip and the kids with Thomas and Kobe (Annie was on an adventure with Dad).  It has already been 6 weeks since Chloe was born, and it feels like forever since we have seen them.  She doesn't look like a newborn at all anymore. She is so cute and such a good baby.

Tilda and Oli are so good with her.  It was so cute watching Tilda with her.  She just wanted to give her cuddles and say hi to her all the time.
It was nice to catch up and the kids had lots of fun playing together.

Kobe was very excited about the dress up box, and especially the fairy dress ups! He is already asking for another Barbie for his birthday! I wonder whether we need to start worrying about him yet!? ;)


  1. haha, as long as he's not asking for Barbies when he's a teenager you're probably safe. I know you love to take pics of older kids but you have a real knack for babies.

  2. Hope Kobe still like Barbies for a while.. so Eden and Kobe can be barbie buddy's....

  3. No worries...he'll grow out of it. :) That baby is CUTE!!!

  4. aww Chloe is cute!!
    Love that pic of Oli in the hammock and of course Fairy Kobe!! :) xx


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