Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Oxygen Energy Therapy

For a few months now Noah has been having oxygen energy therapy.  Our friend Marlo who is a bioresonance therapist recently went to Europe for a conference and came back with a new machine.  She was excited to tell me about it when she got back and said she thought it could really help Noah, but we had to wait a couple of months for it to arrive.

I don't fully understand how it all works, but Marlo has given me a lot of information on it, and I try to understand it as best that I can.  Basically it is a form of therapy that improves the autonomic nervous system's ability to regulate. By treating disorders in the autonomic nervous system the fuctioning of the related organs can be improved.

The oxygen in the air around us, occurs in nature predominantly in an inert triplet ground state.  This type of oxygen cannot be used by the body and must be activated by the body itself in order to be able to be carried into the blood by means of the lungs and to be transferred from there to the individual cells.

The reactive form of the oxygen is singlet oxygen.  Singlet oxygen is constantly formed by the body itself in order to facilitate metabolism and signal transmission. The constant activation of oxygen, so that it can be transported and burnt, consumes energy.  During our life the ability of our cells to produce sufficient energy declines due to illness and stress.  With Noah his bodies ability to constantly deal with all that comes, means that his energy levels are low which explains why Noah is often sleepy. 

With the Oxygen Energy Therapy machine it is giving out singlet oxygen, which is very different to the oxygen that is given to Noah when he is sick and in hospital.  I talked it over with Noah's paediatrician and he wasn't really keen on it and said 'oxygen is oxygen'. 



If I hadn't seen the amazing results in Noah I may have believed him.  Since Noah has been having the treatment he has been so much more alert and awake.  Last year he was sleepy all the time.  Now he is so much more awake and alert during the day.  Everyone has been commenting asking me what we 'have done' to him, and the only thing we have really done is started the Oxygen Energy Therapy. 

We have been trying to have a treatment at least once a week, but sometimes only get there once a fortnight.  It started off as a ten minute treatment, and is now twenty minutes at a time.  When Noah had his fractured leg his GP was asking us how he was and mentioned that Noah looked really well and alert.   I told him about the OET and he was very interested in it, and even talked about looking into having a machine at his practice for patients to have the use of.  

OET can help with many different diseases and illnesses including lung disorders, macular degeneration, fibromyalgia, heart issues and others.  We are so excited and grateful that Marlo now has this machine and that we are able to use it regularly for Noah.  Our dream would be to have our own at home, so that Noah could use it every day and we wouldn't have to travel so often to have a treatment, but that is impossible because of the cost of the machine, bit we are just so glad that we have found something to help Noah to be more awake and alert, and hopefully healthier as well.

More information on OET can be found here.


  1. oh wow!! you sound like a text book - so happy for him.

  2. Ha ha Bec- it was a lot if cutting and pasting and trying to out it my own words.

  3. I was about to say wow textbook - i barely understand!! That is so awesome that it is helping him! :) I noticed he has been awake so much more :)

  4. You guys have the neatest stuff over there. I wish I had that for Ben. Do you think it affects his sleepiness at night? Or does he sleep well?

  5. Noah sleeps okay Becky once he is asleep but that's usually after 11 pm. He used to sleep a lot during the day too but is awake do much more during the day now which has been nice. School have been commenting so much on how different he is.

  6. That is such good news!

  7. Wow Lisa - that sounds fantastic. You only made one teensy mistake - it's called the autonomic nervous system - all of the nerves we have no conscious control over such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature etc which explains why our vital organs are all involved. I wish I could bookmark this post because I bet one day I'll come across a patient who could really benefit from it, but won't remember where I read it (I have a shocking memory!!!). Noah is so lucky he has such amazing parents. xxx

  8. Thanks Fiona. It was obviously a dodgy website that I copied and pasted that part from if they spelt it wrong themselves :)
    Marlo says it helps so many things and her brother in law has had great success with using it after having a heart operation.

  9. It looks like wizardry! Glad it is working like magic.


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