Thursday, 12 May 2011

Wannabe Photographers

This year Makayla is at TAFE doing photography and also at Uni a couple of days a week, and has a four hour break on one of those days.  To fill in some time we thought it would be fun to get together while the weather is okay and take photos together.  The trouble is that we only have each other and Kobe to take photos of! That's a major problem as both Makayla and I hate getting our own photo taken, and would much rather be behind the lens, and we both love taking photos of people, more than scenery or objects.

A couple of weeks ago we went to Inveresk and had lots of fun taking photos at different cool spots there. 

Kobe was in a shocking mood that day, and decided that he wasn't keen to be our model. He instead just wanted to 'go home', but cheered up when we would have a cuddle or a tickle which ended up in Makayla taking some cute photos of us together (thanks Mak for letting me use your photos!).

I love taking photos at this time of the year with all the autumn colours.  

Before we left Makayla made me stand next to the cool walls for some photos.  I hate getting my photo taken, but don't mind when I can just play with my camera at the same time.

This week we headed to the Gorge as we were hoping there would still be lots of lovely autumn leaves around. We were happy to see that there were!

Kobe was in a much happier mood, so it was fun taking photos of him.  

He was even happy to pose for me - check out the fake grin! 

Thanks Mak for taking lots of fun photos of us! It's fun to practice together and to see our own styles start developing.  We keep dreaming that one day we will actually make some money out of doing something that we love, but until then we will just have fun mucking around with our cameras together.

More of my photos can be seen here, and Makayla's can be seen here.


  1. keeps not letting me comment!
    Thanks for the fun times, and the hot choc.. Great pics, great memories :) we're great models haha ;)

  2. That's so cool that you have have a photography day - must be fun trying to find all the nice places to shoot. Photos look great, can't imagine a photoshoot without Kobe :)


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