Monday, 30 May 2011

Child Studies

For the past 4 years or more I have been asked to speak at Kings Meadows High School's Child Studies class about Noah.  I  used to get really nervous about it, but I've done it so many times now that I just update the power point presentation with newer photos and give the same talk again.  Teenagers don't seem so scary to me anymore :)

It's always grade 9 and 10s and this year only one of them had heard me talk before. The teacher tells me they love it, and is really grateful that I can come in, as hearing about disabilities from a parent is the best way to teach them.

Last week I went and talked to this years class and picked up Noah from school so he could come as well.  Noah actually had a seizure while I was talking which probably freaked them out a bit, but I was able to explain that it was 'normal' for him and that he has between 5-10 every day.

Kobe came along with us as well, and it worked well as Aaron didn't have to teach at that time, so he came and sat and listened too.

At the end they are asked if they have any questions and some years I get a lot of questions and other years none at all.  The teacher knows they have a lot of questions but are too scared to ask them, so she told them that I'm very open about things and not worried at all about what they ask me.  Still none of them asked me anything. I think they were just stunned by the whole thing!


  1. That is amazing never know .... one of those kids could become the future parents of a Noah one day...

    Or even choose a career in the field of disabilities...because of your willingness to share Noahs and your life with them..

  2. you can see me in that photo :O lol it was really interesting to hear about noahs story :) thanks for coming in :)

  3. I think it's a great thing that you do. I've done the same thing and I love doing it. :)

  4. Lucky students. Even if they were stunned, what a great learning experince for them. Kobe looks like he was behaving too :) Good on you


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