Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hide and Seek

The boys absolutely love playing 'Hide and Seek'.  In our old house it was hard to find any good hiding places, so the boys love having a much bigger house with better hiding spots.  For some reason Kobe still looks in the craziest places for everyone.  He must think we are all super small.


  1. hehe, that is sooo cute! i still can't believe how big and grown up Kobe is!

  2. LOL I think Kobes just likes saying "Not in here"
    Love Mum.

  3. hahahaha....love it :)
    I wonder where dad was hiding ???

  4. Dad was on the toilet Fiona and I didn't know until I went in with the camera!!! I had to cut that bit out! :)

  5. I'm laughing that you caught Aaron in the bathroom. FUNNY! Hide and seek is a favorite in OUR house too. :)


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