Saturday, 28 May 2011

Early Morning Footy

Harri is absolutely loving going to Auskick every Saturday morning.  Aaron agreed that he would be the one to take him every Saturday as it would be too cold to take Noah out on the cold mornings, but last week I ended up taking him so Aaron and Jay could help out some friends. 

It was a really foggy morning and it was hard actually watching the kids play as you could hardly see them across the ground.  We always tell Harri to make sure he puts a tshirt under his Hawks top as we know how cold it's going to be, but he took off his jumper and smiled his cheeky smile at me, when he knew he got away with not wearing his tshirt.

He only lasted a couple of minutes, before he started shivering away, and then asked me if he could put his jumper back on.  It's good to know he does actually feel the cold sometimes!

Kobe came along to watch as well and usually only lasts about 15 minutes, before he starts asking to 'go home please Mummy'.

Once it started warming up, he was happy to sit and watch a bit more.

By the time the kids played their game, the sun was out and the fog had cleared. I actually really like going to watch Harri play despite the cold.  I'm amazed that he is so confident with footy, even though this is the first time he has played.  I guess all that kicking up the hallway has paid off!


  1. Brrrr! you are one tough Mum! I'd probably just sit in the car the entire time! haha

  2. You should have sat in the car to honk your horn when he kicked a goal.
    Love Mum.

  3. brrr!!! Harri cracks me up :) Love the pic of him mid yawn.


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