Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Not your usual day at school

Yesterday I got a very excited call from Aaron on my mobile, saying that tomorrow (today) Shaun Burgoyne from the Hawthorn Football Club, was going to be coming to speak to the indigenous students at school. 

Aaron was very excited to be the only teacher chosen to go along with the students to listen to him speak. I think he probably would've cried if he wasn't able to go ;) He said that he was a great speaker and talked to the students about being proud of their background, and how he knew he had to work hard at school in case he wasn't chosen to play AFL footy. 

Harri was very excited when we went to see Aaron after school, as Aaron got something signed for him.  It's great to see the club doing things within the community. 


  1. oh did you manage to swing that one?????

  2. Aaron looks like he is about to burst with excitement!!!

  3. how fun for Aaron :) Can't get over how excited he was on the phone! :p

  4. SO FUN! I love when celebrities take time out of their schedule to do nice things. Good stuff.


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