Monday, 23 May 2011

Performance Time

Jalen has loved going to drama classes this term with Second Story Youth Theatre.  Well actually the first week he was excited and nervous, the second week he was in tears as we were driving there as he didn't know anyone and therefore didn't like it and didn't want to go, and the third week he was very excited to go again, as he had so much fun the second week.

On Saturday it was his end of term performance.  All term they had been working on improvisation and did a lot of different Theatre Sport games.  We knew Jay would be good at that kind of thing as he loves it, so we were looking forward to watching him up on stage.

The kids worked in a group of 3-5.  Jalen's group name was the 'Evil Telletubbies'.

They started off with being given an object and then had to decide what it was going to be, and how you could use it (it had to be different to what it actually was), and then they had to create a one and a half minute commercial for it.  Jay was very funny.

Jalen was then chosen to represent his group to do 'The World's Worst...'.  They were given a random topic such as 'the world's worst personal trainer' and then each person had to step forward and act like that person for a small amount of time.  They had about four different things they had to act out 'the worst personal trainer', 'the worst kindergarten teacher', 'the worst dentist' and 'the world's worst actor'.  Jalen was hilarious and did a great job with it.

It was a great night, and amazing to think that these kids are only in grades 4-6 as they were all so confident.

Jay can't wait for next term now, where they will start working on other acting techniques, to get ready for their production at the end of the year.


  1. thats awesome!! go Jay!
    Let us know when his end of year performance is!

  2. I am really looking foward to the next Command Performance.
    It was a really fun night.
    Love Mum.

  3. Well done Jay...
    A cople of the girls go to Riverside!!

  4. What a star! We wouldn't mind coming at the end of the year. Maddi is a big fan of Jay, or "Bobby Jonez".

  5. he he, so funny! loved the praying mantis pose! he is a natural! Hattie does Drama too and loves it!

  6. That's amazing. I can't believe that's the same quiet boy I see at church.


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