Sunday, 29 May 2011

Thirty Years or Twelve Months

It doesn't matter whether someone has been gone for 12 months, or 30 years, they are still missed terribly every day.  Yesterday was 30 years since my brother Daniel died.  It's hard to believe that it has been 30 years.  I hardly remember anything about him as I was only (almost) 7 years old when he died, but I do remember a few moments in his life like him waving goodnight to us, and I also remember the day that he died. 

Today is 12 months since our friend Ben passed away.    Ben had hydranencephaly just like Noah and they both actually look quite similar.  We didn't get to 'meet' Ben before he passed away, but we 'met' his amazing family just after.  We are so grateful for their example and friendship.  It's amazing how alike Becky and I are in so many ways.   We just wish we live closer to each other so we can meet in person. Hopefully one day we will.

This morning we woke up to a big frost outside, so for church we dressed Noah in Ben's mittens that Becky and Steve had sent him last year.  It made me sad to know that Ben could no longer wear them, but so happy that Noah gets to.  It makes me smile whenever I put them on him, as it makes me think of Ben.


  1. Those sort of anniversary's are always nostalgic and one can really know how you feel....(thinking of you and sending you lots of big Nettie hugs though if that helps)
    love that Ben sent Noah his mittens...

  2. I have written and deleted 3 comments already. I couldn't decide what to say. Thinking of you and your family, it must still be so hard for your mum. Daniel looks so much like your dad. It is lovely that you met Becky when you did, and i love that Noah has Ben's mittens :) xxx

  3. Oh what a tender post. I just love you, Lisa. My heart goes out to you as you miss your brother and think about our sweet Becky and Ben. Thank you, too, for your sweet and loving words on Caleb's blog this week... they have meant a lot to me-- and thanks for always knowing how to make smile. xoxox.

  4. I am just now getting caught up on back posts - a long, needed weekend away from internet. :) I am touched Lisa. Thank you for including Ben on this post with your brother. We love you and feel so lucky to have you in our lives. I too wish we could have met sooner, but I'll take whatever I can get. :) Someday we'll eventually meet!!!

  5. Beautiful post Lisa. I agree with Makayla, your brother does look like your dad - and you too. Love Bens mittens on Noah, how special...


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