Sunday, 22 May 2011

Our Fishing Adventures

My brother Eden has been a keen fisherman ever since he was a teenager.  For ages we have been keen to go out on his boat with him fishing, but often when it was a good day to go fishing we would get a phone call to ask if we wanted to go, but we couldn't as we didn't have anyone to look after Noah for us (spur of the moment and the Kings just don't work :).

A couple of months ago Eden said we should plan to go out soon and said he would give me a ring on a Friday when he knows the weather will be nice the next day.  On Friday night we got the message to say that it would be a great day to go out the next day, so after a quick phone call to Mum to see if she could look after Noah, the boys were so excited to know they were finally going fishing with Uncle Eden.

After Auskick with Harri, and dropping off Noah at Mum and Dad's we finally got to Port Sorell.  Jalen said he wanted to catch a flathead, Harri wanted to catch a 'goldfish' and Kobe wanted to catch a 'pink one'.

We headed off and everyone was so excited, even Aaron who had never really been out on a boat, fishing before.

The excitement quickly turned into tears as we got out in the choppy water.  At first Harri and Kobe thought it was fun going up and crashing back down with the waves, but then Harri got really scared.

It was quite choppy and because Harri, Kobe and I sat up under the front, we got thrown around a bit.   Eden said we would see how we went out in the rougher water first (although he told us it was actually quite calm) as it's the best place to catch fish, but if the boys were still upset we would head back in, where it was calmer. 

It was good that we stayed there for a little while as Jalen actually reeled in a fish - and just what he wanted to catch - a flathead!

Unfortunately it was undersized, so we had a quick look and threw him back in.

 Aaron was very disappointed that he hadn't caught a fish yet. 

 Harri started to calm down a little bit, but still held on for dear life, thinking he was going to be thrown over the edge any minute!

Not long after the first fish was caught Kobe looked at Jay as he held his stomach and goes 'Jay, ow!' and then all of a sudden throws up all over himself!  I had been feeling a bit quesy myself, but was okay when I was at the back of the boat, in the fresh air, but Kobe had spent a lot of time underneath.   He had a little cry, and then another vomit (poor Eden's boat!) and kept looking at the spew on his boot saying 'oh no, on my shoes!'.  I cleaned him up as best I could and told him it was okay, and he went very quiet and snuggled into me for about ten minutes.

Eden then decided it was a good time to move to calmer waters, so we headed back in a little.  Jay was excited to have a steer of the boat.  This photo cracks me up - both with the 'Triffitt tongue' hanging out as they are concentrating :)

Harri was a lot happier in the calmer waters, and got excited for a second as he thought he had caught something.  Unforunately it was just some seaweed.

Kobe felt much better after his spew and started tucking into the snacks! (notice the spew down the front of his trackies).
He then came out and kept telling us which kind of fish he wanted to catch.
It was a lot more relaxed in the calmer waters so everyone was happy, but there weren't as many bites.

Jay was loving it, and kept getting lots of little nibbles and kept pulling his line in, and casting it again.  Eden was laughing calling him 'tea bag' and 'Mr Bushells' because he was up and down all afternoon with his line, like when you are making a cup of tea.  It obviously paid off, as he got another flathead, but this time with a foul hook! It was only 3 cm undersized this time, so we kissed it goodbye and threw it back in.

In the end all the boys had an awesome time, and were very excited about the whole afternoon.   Eden seemed surprised that they loved it so much (after Harri calmed down:) and said he will have to take them out again soon.

Thanks Eden for a great afternoon.  It's a pity we didn't catch any that were big enough to bring home to eat, but it was so much fun anyway.


  1. i did have the pan warmed waiting for that flahead you promised me Jay...booo hoooo!!!
    Myabe the next fishing expedition????

  2. Talk about laugh out loud!!!!!
    1 The Dean tongue has filtered through to the third generation.
    2 Harri's face just cracks me up.
    3 You would take photos on the Titanic as it went down.
    Love Mum.

  3. I am positive I would have spewed too!

  4. Ha ha Aaron looks like he wasn't letting go of that life jacket. It looked zipped up real tight. I wondered how Harri wold go. Poor Kobe, its so much better after a good spew tho. :)

  5. That post had me laughing with all of the spewing! HA HA!
    (Thanks for your sweet words on Caleb's blog!) Love you!!!!!!!

  6. we have the 'tongue thing' too in our family... we do it when we are driving!!! Poor Kobe!!

  7. How fun! :) I love all the pics. That pic of Harri clinging on for dear life looks so much like you!

  8. I'm LAUGHING! My dad took us deep sea fishing when I was younger and we ALL ended up spewing. Good times. :)


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