Thursday, 18 November 2010

What's for Breakfast!?

Mornings before school are pretty busy as I have to spend the good part of an hour getting Noah ready for school. Luckily Jay and Harri are so independent and Aaron helps out a lot before he leaves for school at 7.30 am, or they would go to school naked and hungry!

Jay is such a great help and runs around doing lots of things for me, so I can concentrate on giving Noah his meds, helping him empty his bladder, into his body splint, dressed, puffers given and into his wheelchair so we can get out the door.

This morning Kobe was in his usual morning mood, and kept grizzling that he wanted a lolly out of the cupboard. I told him he couldn't have a lolly and that it was breakfast time and asked Jay to get him some cereal.

Next thing I know Kobe comes in with the cheekiest grin on his face and some lollies in his hand!!

I went out to the kitchen to investigate how he could actually reach the lolly container and saw this!

What a rat bag!!! If he wasn't so cute I would give him away!! ;)


  1. How cheeky! He needs his Auntie to give him lollies for breakfast! I seriously don't remember ever giving Jay lollies at breakfast time.

    We've had to latch our pantry to stop a certain little boy. But then he learned that if he gets a broom or mop handle he can flick the latch off.

  2. too funny, love the look on his face.

  3. un ma Kobe!!! Hattie climbs right to the TOP shelf and gets things! nice to know other peoples kids want lollies in the morning!!!!!

  4. oh Kobe King you are soooo cheeky!!!! :)


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