Saturday, 20 November 2010

Take Your Wheels Off!

It's lots of fun having a new brand new house. It's easier to keep clean as there is so much more space and I'm constantly cleaning to make sure it all still stays looking brand new.

One thing I am not enjoying so much is that the landscaping and driveway still isn't done. I'm constantly asking (I won't say yelling because of course I don't yell!!;) the boys to take their shoes off when they come inside, so they don't drag dirt and mud all through the house. Whenever I go out to the clothesline I drag back about a kilo of dirt on the bottom of my shoes (check out the temporary toilet that the builder used when the house wasn't up - he had a door on it and it hooked up to the sewerage tank and all - I think it's quite the feature in the backyard and we may just keep the outdoor dunny!).

We can all take our shoes off, but Noah is another story. Every day there are huge track marks on the floor as well as dirt everywhere after we have brought him inside.

Bring on the driveway!

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  1. oh i am not looking forward to that part of the new house either ..... i hope i have enough money left for some instant lawn.... please please let there be some left!!!!


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