Sunday, 14 November 2010

Noah the Sk8er Boi

Some good friends of mine suggested it was time to move on from the spring blog header, and go with a 'mid season' one (thanks girls!). Yesterday I told the boys that we were going to go to the lake to get some photos taken so I could make a new blog header. After Harri refusing and being threatened with time out when we got home, we finally got a few photos that I could work with.

We then hung around the lake for a bit and Noah decided to carve it up at the skate park.

After he started to grind it up, we thought it was time to go before he caused some damage to his chair. Lucky his new one is one the way!


  1. Wow Noah! Even Stephen is impressed!!

  2. Way to go Noah, show them how its done. Great pics

  3. LOVE IT! :) Cutest S8tr boy EVER.

  4. That last one of Noah doing a big skiddy up the ramp is THE BEST!!

  5. Love it! That made me smile today!


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