Saturday, 20 November 2010

Put It Up Early

It seems like every year we start getting into the Christmas season earlier and earlier. Before we would never put our tree up before the 1st of December, but then we decided to put it up on the same Saturday as the Christmas Parade which is always the last Saturday in November. It's going to be a busy day next Saturday with the parade and then I'm doing a very fun photoshoot in the afternoon, so we thought that yesterday would be a good day to get our tree up.

I was surprised that Aaron agreed, but I think deep down he actually loves putting up the tree just as much as I do! I told the boys yesterday that it was 'Christmas photo day' and they all gave me the big moan and groan...'how many photos are you going to take!?', 'how long is it going to take!?' etc. I told them if they smiled nicely and didn't muck around it would be very quick and it actually was! Here's a sneak peak of one of the photos, but I will save the rest for another time.

I remember Harri being a total pain putting up the tree last year. He was into it for about two minutes, and then got bored and just moaned the whole time. This year he was totally different! He couldn't do enough to help - including rearranging the letters for 'peace' and 'wish' around to how he thought they were spelt.

Noah was awake when we first started, but the Christmas music that Aaron put on quickly put him to sleep.

Kobe was so excited to be putting the tree up. He actually seems to know what it is all about this year.

The boys had lots of fun pulling out different decorations out of the boxes. Every year they get a new decoration each and I write their name on it and the year. Jay was excited to find this one that said 'Our First Christmas', which was given to us almost 15 years ago! Next week is our 15th wedding anniversary! Yikes!

Harri was a great help until the candy canes came out and then it was a competition between him and Kobe, who could eat the most.

I was telling him what a great job he did at helping this year, but only just discovered that he still spelt 'peace' wrong! I didn't even notice when I took this photo.

I can't believe that our tree is up on the 20th of November, but we had to be fast to beat Kylie!

As I told Aaron - we need a good month of the tree up to enjoy it and lengthen out the Christmas season as much as possible.


  1. It's good to see Kobe is excited this year!! Eden says "HO HO"to everything to do with christmas..Next sat another photo shoot.. That's sounds great!!!

  2. I love the display in your shelves! The tree is also lovely. Man I love Christmas. I'm hoping we'll be moved in time to at least put the tree up for a little while.

  3. How fun! Christmas should be no rules at all. If you're feeling the season go with it.

  4. ANd it all looks even better in the NEW house. I hope SAnta has a copy of your new address!!! Noah looks so relaxed on the couch and I love the candy cane in Harri's missing tooth mouth.

  5. Merry Christmas!!! Is it too early to say that though!!! I love your displays... I have a cube type shelf like that and the willowtree nativity and love how you have split it up like that... Might have to have a go at doing that myself... All credit to you though!! It all looks great!

  6. We were just discussing tonight when to have our FHE setting up the Christmas tree...we wanted it earlier than the 1st of December too!! Your tree looks fantastic....never too early to start all the Chrustmas fun!

  7. Noah looks SO sweet sleeping. :) Cute boy. Love the spelling errors. Wish our kids could stay that young and innocent. Your decorations are beautiful. I'm glad you put it up early, gives you a great opportunity to really enjoy your NEW home AND Christmas.


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