Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Sleepy Head

Kobe has decided he is much too big to have a day time sleep anymore, even though he is very tired by mid afternoon. It's good in some ways as it means I'm getting more done as I don't have to rush home by lunch time to make sure he has a sleep, but by 3.30 pm he is usually a grizzling mess - so tired and really needing a sleep. If he went to sleep then though, there is no way he would go to sleep at night.

On Saturday he went really quiet at about 4 pm. He was just a little too quiet, so I went looking for him and found him on my bedroom floor 'watching' The Wiggles.

It's a hard life being (almost) two and a half!


  1. He's so angelic when he's asleep!

  2. nice new soft carpet... I think Id be asleep too! Rosie is doing the same but still getting about 3 a week.

  3. i think that is just fine when you have a nice new are to watch TV...mmm carpet naps are good....

  4. I dont blame Kobe.. I love laying or rolling on your carpet!!!!


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