Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Jay and Harri's classes at school are 'book buddy' classes. This means that once a week they get together and each person has a buddy for the year who they spend time with reading or doing other fun activities. They love being book buddy classes as Jay's class is a grade 4/5 so they think the Prep kids are pretty cute.

Today in assembly both classes shared a song they had been practising together. It was very cool - especially when Harri's little friend Joe broke out in some break dancing at the end!

The boys are hard to see but Harri is in the maroon top in the front row in the middle and Jay is in the row behind him, also in a maroon top - two people to the right.


  1. Hahaha - awesome.
    I had no trouble picking them out. True little performers!!!

  2. I LOVE this. So cute. :) Your boys must be somehow related to Docta Steve? (sorry Aaron)

  3. DYNAMITE!!!
    Love Mum.


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