Saturday, 27 November 2010

J Phil

Last year we were very lucky to have Kenneth Cope (a very well known singer in our church from America) come to visit Tasmania. I LOVE Kenneth's music and was so excited to meet him, spend time with him, and hear him sing, and didn't think anything could top it.

This week however was just as exciting with Jenny Phillips coming to Tasmania. She is another amazing singer who I have loved for many years. Aaron asked me how I 'got into her' and it was because I always loved the EFY CDs and without fail if Jenny had a song on one of the CDs they were always my favourite song. Every year she puts out a new CD to go along with the theme for the Youth for that year, so the youth know her music well.

Lisa and I headed out to the Raspberry Farm on Thursday to have lunch with her (anyone was invited to go along and meet her) and I was sooo excited!! When she came in I was star struck and told her I was her 'groupie' and was so excited to meet her. She thought it was very funny. I was so excited to have her sign all my CDs for me.

The night before I had been listening to her latest CD and Aaron was joking around asking me 'are you listening to J Phil!?'. In the morning he had written me a note on our whiteboard in the kitchen saying....

I told Jenny about Aaron calling her 'J Phil' and she thought it was hilarious. I told her that Aaron had even written 'J Phil' as a logo that he said she was welcome to use on he CD label and Dan was cracking up saying that he he wanted to see it, so I told him I would take a photo of it and bring it that night to church, where Jenny was going to be singing for everyone. That night we went to hear her sing at church and Aaron was having a great time joking around with her using the 'J Phil' logo on her hip hop CD when she releases it. I showed it to them and they thought it was great and Aaron reminded them it was copywrited, so Jenny was joking around saying that would have to give him royalties for it. He even came up with the title for her next CD - 'The Spirit' - then it will say 'J Phil The Spirit'.

Jenny was so lovely and down to earth and it was so fun to talk to them, and hear more about her life and how she started becoming a singer/songwriter. It was amazing to think that they paid their own way to Tasmania, just to come for four days - leaving their children over Thanksgiving. Such lovely people!

She had been to Australia before and we were asking her if she could pull off an Aussie accent. This was her attempt. I have to say though she did do a much better version before I started to video her :)

Even though I love her music, I was amazed at her voice live. She sounded even more incredible in real life and maybe even than her CDs. I had considered just going out on my own and leaving the boys at home as I knew it would be a bad time of night as they would be tired, but was so glad that we took them out to hear her.

Jayne was asking me on Thursday night who else I would love to meet, and I said that meeting Kenneth Cope and now Jenny Phillips was pretty much it for me - it couldn't get any better than those two. I do love other LDS singers, but growing up Kenneth and Jenny were always my two favourite singers by far. It's hard to believe that these two amazing singers have come to visit us in Tasmania. It can't get any better than that!


  1. That photo of Jenny, Dan and You is most perfect photo ever!! It was really great to meet them both!!

  2. LUCKY!!! I'm jealous. But happy that you got to have that experience. Thanks for sharing with us.

  3. I wish I could have been a mouse in Jenny's pocket! How wonderful for you to show her as good a time as she showed you. Tell Aaron I love the logo - he needs to hold her to the royalties when she gets around to using it!


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