Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Time For Some Fun

Now that life is starting to settle down again (let's hope I haven't spoken too soon) it's been fun getting out with my camera a bit more.

A while ago Makayla asked if I could take some photos of her and her friends after their dress up day at school. It it was lots of fun snapping away at the Seaport last week as they had lots of fun in their pirate costumes. They did get some funny looks as people spotted them as they walked past!

I've had lots of people email me asking me if I would take photos for them (especially before Christmas) so last night I took photos of a cute little girl, Kate.

It's nice to be able to have some fun taking photos, now that the stress of packing and moving is over. I'll be putting lots more over on my photo blog as the weather warms up and I get to take a lot more photos.


  1. Thanks heaps Lisa.. This was sooo fun! :)

  2. The colours are so vibrant!! Ooh better get off, Rafters is about to start!!! Got enough tissues??

  3. Do you travel? Can I book you for next Christmas? :) I LOVE your work.

  4. LOVE your photos! LOVE LOVE LOVE them!


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