Tuesday, 16 November 2010

School Photos

Aaah - the old school photos! Don't you just love them!? They usually turn out with the boys having some awkward fake smile or in Noah's case - having his eyes half shut and looking really out of it, with about fifty chins. This year I made a decision to not waste anymore money on having Noah's school photo taken as I can take some decent photos of him myself when he's looking alert and awake. The last couple of years I was too embarrassed to even give his photo to anyone as they looked so awful.

I was hanging out to see how the other boys photos turned out, and when they brought them home yesterday I was pretty pleased with them. Jay was cracking up at his fly away hair on the side, but what's a school photo without something to laugh about :) Hard to believe that Jay is going to be in GRADE SIX next year!!!

Harri was trying to work out how old he would be when Kobe starts school. When Kobe starts Kinder Harri will be in grade 3! I can't even imagine it. I wonder what life will be like for us then. Sometimes I just wish things could always stay just how they are right now.


  1. LOVE the pictures. Better than a lot I have seen in the last few years. When is school over for them? Just curious. (where's Noah's picture?)

  2. Great photos of both the boys. Yes, Grade 6 is scary. I remember when we were worried about them starting Kinder!


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