Monday, 8 November 2010


Yesterday Harri was very excited to finally have his wobbly tooth come out (or be pulled out by Dad). He was so excited to see how much the tooth fairy would bring him last night, and luckily the tooth fairy remembered just as Mum and Dad were dozing off to sleep last night, or there would've been a very sad boy this morning. He was very impressed this morning, with his shiny $2 coin that the fairy left him.

Kobe is usually a good sleeper. He goes through periods where he won't sleep well for a few nights, but then he will sleep good again for a week or two. I usually put it down to 'teeth'. He still has his two year old molars to come in, but they just never seem to be anywhere in sight.

Last night was one of those nights. In the old house when Kobe would wake up, we would go in and give him some panadol and then just let him cry it out till he finally fell asleep. The boys would never hear him and would have no clue that he was awake for hours during the night. In the new house though it's a different story. With the long, wide hallway the noise just travels up to the boys bedrooms and every time Kobe wakes up, Harri also wakes up and comes into our room, upset that Kobe is upset.

Last night Harri came in with tears streaming down his face, saying he wanted to sleep with us and we should 'give Kobe a cuddle'. When I told him he was okay and he had to learn how to go back to sleep on his own like he did, when he was little he said 'I don't want to be alone in my room' and looked so sad that I caved in (we NEVER let the boys sleep in our bed) and let Harri go and get his pillow and blanket and join us in bed.

An hour (and a bottle and panadol) later, Kobe was still sobbing calling out 'Mummmmmmy, Daaaaddddy'. It was heart breaking and I went in to give him a cuddle and tell him it was sleep time, when the next thing I see Aaron coming in saying 'just bring him into our bed, it's too awful listening to him cry'. As soon as we got him up he was all smiles! He was so excited to see Harri was also joining us in bed, and we spent the next 6 hours trying to find a comfy position where we could get a little bit of sleep without disturbing the boys.

It was a very long night but luckily we bought a king sized bed a year or so ago, so at least we had a little bit of room. This morning I asked Kobe to say 'aaagh' and could actually see a tooth about to break through, so at least we know he really did have a reason to not sleep well. Looks like I'll be buying shares in panadol and bonjela for the next little while.

It's crazy to think we all have to go through this pain and stress, just so they can fall out! I wonder how much the going rate will be when Kobe hits Harri's age!?


  1. CUTE boys. I kind of love it when one of my kids needs an excuse to snuggle in our bed. They are getting so big now that it hardly ever happens. ENJOY it now. :) King size bed for the Kings. PERFECT!

  2. $2 wow, what a good tooth fairy- i only ever remember getting 20 cents!
    four in the bed hey- we've had that before and I used to say to jimbo we need to at least upgrade to a queen- a double bed just doesn't cut it!
    Hope the teething issues don't last too long. it is awful for them, and awful for the parents to see them in pain and hear the crying.

    the house looks awesome.

  3. Your blogs are hilarious!!! I love reading them...

  4. Is Aaron pretending to be asleep in that photo? Thankgoodness you have a king size bed. Lets hope the molars cut thru real quick.


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