Saturday, 6 November 2010

Two Hot Dates

Yesterday after our favourite class at the gym, the gym girls and I had morning tea with two of our favourite instructors - Thomas and James. James is leaving to go 'home' for the summer and Lisa is leaving in December for over 12 months, so we thought we should get together before everyone leaves. The funny thing was that Lisa was telling someone at the gym that we were going 'out with the boys' for morning tea and her friend said 'oh has Gary got work off today!?' and then she realised that we meant the OTHER 'boys'. They are awesome instructors as they motivate you to work hard, but make it fun at the same time.

James takes Attack as well as Balance which we don't love as much as Attack, but we sometimes go just for some fun. During the week we went to his last Balance class before he leaves and had some fun getting up on stage with him for a track each.

Simone spotted some cute little Thomas the Tank Engine trains while she was out shopping during the week, so she grabbed one for the boys with their names on it for them as we love comparing them to the trains on the show. We gave them to them at morning tea.

Lisa pointed out to us one day at the gym that the Thomas the Tank Engine song was perfect for the boys as it suits them so much - 'Thomas is the cheeky one, James is vain but lots of fun'. SO true!

It wasn't the most relaxing morning tea as we had our kids with us, but it was fun to catch up together out of the gym. Check out these two posers!

After the boys had to leave we tried taking some photos using my remote. Talk about funny! Lisa was VERY subtle with it! ;)

We didn't end up getting a decent photo of everyone at the same time, but at least we had a good laugh.
Last night Di came over to babysit all the boys for us, so that Aaron and I could go on a hot date. It was so nice being out together on our own (even though Aaron got sick) and even got to hold hands and snuck in a kiss or two at the movies! Felt like we were newly weds again! (sorry about the dodgy quality of the pic from my phone - didn't want to put the flash on and draw attention to old people kissing in the movies!).


  1. dont you know you can catch terrible germs from doing that sort of stuff...(i am referring to the last pic...yuckooooo!!)

  2. Thats funny! Nice that you guys got to go out to the movies and funny that you were caught snogging!! Ih the joys of dating :)

  3. Yuckkkkkyyyyyyyyyyyyy in the movies. So you know where those lips have been all day Yucky

  4. Oh you are such a fun bunch!!!
    (I'm all for smooching!! Way to sneak it in! ;)

  5. Sad James has gone, but not sad that we don't have to do another Balance class....Love the pics.. the last one is a bit yucckkyy!!!

  6. Gross!!!!!
    Love Mum.

  7. I LOVE your last picture. Good for you! :) Smooching is GREAT. Glad you were able to get out for a fun day/date.

  8. Is Oliver holding himself in that first one of all us girls?? Don't let the kids see that smoochie shot. Kids hate the thought of their parents being romantic!! ;)


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