Monday, 1 November 2010

There's nothing more fun than...

surprising a friend at her baby shower lunch! On Saturday Lisa, Simone and I were very sneaky and surprised our gym buddy Kellie, by turning up to a lunch that was organised by two of her good friends. We hadn't met her friends before, but one of them sent me a message on Facebook, saying she would love for her gym buddies to turn up as a surprise.

She was very surprised and we couldn't stop laughing as she tried to work out what was going on, and what we were doing there too.

It was so nice to be kid free and to enjoy having lunch together, before Kellie's little girl makes an appearance in the next few weeks.

Simone's getting quite the little belly on her too now. It's so lovely seeing them together (and so nice to know it's not me! :).

We can't wait to meet Kellie's little girl, and especially can't wait for her to come back to the gym with us as she has to rest over the next few weeks. It will be lovely seeing her little girl join all our other kids in the child care at the gym, so we can all enjoy at least an hour of sanity during the day :)


  1. what lovely friends you all are...

  2. Loving it - except the one of me chowing down the dessert. Hmm might try the mudcake and blackberry cheesecake double on Fri!! It was so nice to do something for ourselves that didn't involve exercise - except by our mouths ;)

  3. Cute pictures. I would LOVE to be part of your exercise group. Did you find me a house yet? :) HA!

  4. Love it! Good friends are such a blessing!


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