Monday, 25 October 2010

School Art Auction

The boys school often have fundraising events to raise money to do up the school playground and oval. They do the usual things such as holding school fairs, sausage sizzles, and icy pole days but this year the teachers decided they wanted to do something different, and instead of having a school fair they decided to put on an 'art auction'.

Each class was given a blank canvas and could do any kind of art work on it, based around the the school motto...'dream, believe, succeed'. What each class came up with was so different, but they were all awesome. Harri's class did their canvas about 'dream animals' and was three dimensional with buttons and feathers stuck on it. Harri's animal was a flying snake! I absolutely LOVED their canvas and thought it would look so nice up in Harri's new bedroom.

Jalen's class was geometric shapes, which was very funky.

Noah's teacher LOVES to dance and teaches the kids awesome choreographed dances, to modern songs, so the title of their canvas was 'dream, believe,'.

The night started off with an hour to look at the canvases and wander around the school and classrooms, where there was a lot of other art work on display. While people were looking at the art, there were different musical and dance items happening. Jay was excited to be able to perform in the grade 4/5 band, playing guitar.

There were a few activities for the kids to do while the parents were having their wine and cheese, like a drawing wall which Kobe loved.

Noah was happy listening to all the music being played and having everyone talk to him all night. Aaron was at school camp, so it was nice having Di there (who was there with her daughter) to help out with Noah while I was chasing Kobe around.

Kobe hardly sat still all night, except to listen to Jay play the guitar and every now and then he would go and sit with Jay and give him a cuddle, before running off to do something again.

Harri was so excited to be back at school in his 'normal clothes' (as he put it) so he could hang out with his friends again.

One of Harri's friends Dad is a real estate agent, so he ran the auction. He did a fantastic job at getting everyone involved and bidding. He asked the kids what they wanted for the playground and told them to cheer loud when he said something they really wanted. Of course they cheered the most when he asked 'do you want a waterslide and a pool!!?'. I think they can keep dreaming about that one! :)

It was incredible to see how much people were bidding on the art. The cheapest canvas went for $130 and the average was probably around $350! Unfortunately although I would've loved to have bought the boys canvases for them, they were a bit out of my price range. This canvas was my favourite (and a lot of other people's) and went for $500!! It was done by a grade 2/3 class.

There was also a silent auction with items that were donated to the school - gift vouchers, wine, and other items. In total the art raised $3500 or so and all together they raised around $6700! Even the teachers were amazed with how much the school raised in a couple of hours. It was nice for the kids to know that they had contributed in some way to raising some money for their school playground.


  1. What a fabulous idea! I love Jay's class and Noah's class canvases the most, I think, but they're all wonderful! How cool! I'll keep this in mind if I ever need a fundraising idea!ack723

  2. Also, I love the photo of Noah. He looks so alert and well.

  3. They are all great, wouldn't they look good in the kid's rooms.?
    Love Mum.

  4. What a fantastic idea. I LOVE the artwork. SO GREAT! (and I loved seeing Noah's freckly face up close) :)

  5. that is a brilliant idea! its amazing how much money is raised at fundraising auctions - for our ward's youth temple trip they made around $2000!

  6. Man I tell ya, your school is way ahead of everyone else. They are always having such AWESOME things on!


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