Saturday, 9 October 2010

Day 3 - sick, sicker and sickest

Noah is continuing to improve which is great - he is breathing so much better, they have started feeds up again, and he no longer needs one on one nursing which is SO nice. He is still on 10 litres of oxygen though, so it will still be a while until we get to bring him home, but the doctors are really happy with how he's going.

One good thing about hospital is I get to see more people, to try to rally up some more votes for the SMILE competition :) The voting closes tomorrow and I really have no hope of winning, but it will be interesting to see who does. If you haven't already, PLEASE, PLEASE vote for my photo (click on the pic below)- I need all the money we can get at the moment (which is a whole other drama that I don't even want to think about right now!).

Yesterday Aaron spent most of the day and night up at the hospital with him. Kylie was going to the bike centre for a couple of hours yesterday, so offered to have the boys there. They had a great time and it was a beautiful day to ride around in the sun.

Kobe has been sick for a few days with a cold, but it just seems to be getting worse with his temp going up as well. I started off with a sore throat, then a cold and now I'm pretty sure I have bronchitis. I get it every year for the last three or four years, and I thought I got away with it this year...till now :( Simone was at the park with her kids, so after the bike centre the two boys joined her kids, while Kobe and I went home for a sleep. I didn't think he would sleep, but he was so sick that he went straight to sleep. It was so nice for us to both have a nap.

At the hospital Kobe is a lot more subdued than normal. He likes just laying around having a cuddle.

As soon as I pull out the (iPhone4!) camera though he is all smiles! Funny boy.

Yesterday Mum and Dad came to visit (sorry I didn't see you Dad - too much to do at the moment!) and also Annette, who had also cooked us a lovely meal the day before - thanks so much Nettie.

It was my night home last night which I was looking forward to, and it was nice to come home to tea on the doorstep that a friend had dropped off. I was hoping to have a good nights sleep, but as always I couldn't unwind and relax without having Noah and Aaron home. Harri came in after midnight needing a drink, and Kobe woke at 3am and in between I just couldn't sleep very well, so I'm feeling pretty rotten today with a tight chest, runny nose, and eyes hanging out of my head. I also got an urgent message from the builder saying we are two tiles short in the bathroom, so had to go out chasing that up this morning and of course no one has them in stock so our bathroom still isn't finished.

Despite everything going on, it's always nice to lay in bed with my boys in the morning and realise how lucky I really am.


  1. Sorry to hear you are feeling worse. Hope you get a chance to rest this weekend. Your boys are lovely and I can have them any time. Patrick and Jalen are like two little old men when they get together and start talking.

  2. Hang in there Lisa! Sounds like you have so much to deal with right now.

    I hope little Noah picks up soon, and the you and Kobe shake off those rotten colds.


  3. Oops im about to email those cricket shots. I suppose you wanted them for this post!! Sorry. What a slacker eh? Man 2 tiles short - grrr what an absolute pain!! So the sickest is getting better and the not often sick are getting sicker. Great! You would think all those Attack classes would clear out the ole chest eh. ;)

  4. SO glad Noah is feeling better. Now you and Kobe need to feel better. Praying for you guys!!!

  5. Keep getting better cute Noah! Sending lots of love to you all! xo

  6. Did you get the antibiotics? I hope so! Glad you got a room update, you would feel like you were in the presidential suite now!


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