Thursday, 7 October 2010

Day 2

It's been a long couple of days in hospital with Noah. It's hard to believe that we had such a long stint in hospital just a month or two ago, and now we are back to the usual hospital routines again.

Being in a tiny room with no windows (except to look out to the nurses desk) that is stinkin hot is draining. The worst thing is not having a bathroom and having to walk up the hall at all hours of the morning to go to the loo. The first night I probably got 2-3 hours sleep on and off. Every time I would wake up a nurse would be standing right next to me doing something to Noah and then I couldn't go back to sleep for ages, and then it would be time to give him another neb, or I would get up and suction him (no one suctions him as well as Mum does! :).

By the morning we were both exhausted. Noah had a high temp all night and even though his SATS were okay he was breathing up a lot.

By mid morning things started to settle down and we gave him a wash and he looked much more comfortable. We still have one on one nursing and the nurse is constantly there keeping an eye on things. It's good as it means we get a bit of a break, but it's also a long day as you feel like you have to make small talk with them.

Before lunch yesterday I told the nurse I was going to try to have a nanna nap while it was quiet, and dozed off for an hour. When I woke up I was so embarrased that Noah's paediatrician had come in while I was snoozing, spoke to the nurse, decided on what treatment Noah needed and decided to let me sleep the whole time. This morning he came in with a huge grin saying 'oh you are awake today!!?', being very cheeky. He told me he was in the room for half an hour and I still didn't wake up! Lucky the nurse told me it was only a couple of minutes, or I would've felt worse.

Jay and Harri kept us entertained yesterday with the kids guitar they found in the playroom. There's no way you can feel down with these two around! :)

Yesterday afternoon we got a lovely surprise. Becky and Ben from America, who were very sneaky and arranged through Alison to send in some lovely helium balloons and chocolate. The nurse came in with them and said 'these were given to us nurses from a patient to say thanks, so you can have the balloons and we will have the chocolates'. I was like 'okay, that's nice' and then read the card and realised he was pulling my leg, but was so surprised that they were from Becky and Ben and was confused for a sec about how they did it.

We were so grateful for such a thoughtful gesture, from so far away. I hate being in hospital with Noah, but always remember how lucky we are to still have Noah with us, as I know Becky is missing her beautiful little Ben so much.

We've been lucky to have nice nurses who look after the boys and all of us, as well as Noah. Yesterday afternoon one of our favourite nurses made us some milk shakes with ice cream and all. The boys were in heaven. It's nice that they try to make hospital as nice as possible for the whole family.

Noah is much better than he was, but there is still a ways to go until we can go home. He is currently on 11 litres of oxygen so it's going to be a while till he is weaned from it. Fingers crossed he will pick up quicker than they think.


  1. :) I love secret missions. They're FUN! Glad to see improvements with Noah. I'm sad that he had his temp all night. Is it still high today? Praying for a shorter than expected stay.

  2. I hope Noah feels better soon :o)

  3. oh he is on a bit of oxygen still hey. Not surprised his temp was up all night if you room was stinking hot!! these public hospitals and their lack of proper air con/ heating!!

    Hopefully he gets stronger soon. xx

    haha the word verification is "reste"

  4. That was so lovely of Becky. I wish we could 'harry potter' her over here. I can't quite remember the spell name but no doubt someone will remind me.:) no ensuite must really suck too. I hope Monday is the magic out day.

  5. I was saying to Eden that you should get 'frequent flyer points' or a loyalty reward card so that on every third stay you get upgraded to a five star room (private nurse is nice but it would be even nicer in a private room).
    Hope Noah proves the doctors wrong and you can go home to pack and clean.


We are so grateful for everyone's love and support, and appreciate your comments xoxo

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