Monday, 4 October 2010

Grand Final (take 2!)

It was strange having another AFL grand final on Saturday. I just couldn't get into it like I had the week before. It just didn't seem right that another game was being played, so instead of the usual preparations of getting lots of junk food, and watching the pre-game stuff beforehand, I decided that my morning was much better spend, laying outside in the beautiful sun...which we haven't seen much of for a very long time.

It was such a beautiful day. The boys came out and joined me for a while, while Aaron and Noah stayed in and watched everything relating to the footy. I asked Jay to grab my camera for me and said to Kobe 'go like this Kobe', demonstrating how to lay down on the grass, putting his head in his hands to try to get a cute photo and this is what he did.

After a while he realised what I actually wanted him to do - such a poser!

Jay thought he would like to join in on the modelling too.

Harri came over to me with a dandelion and said 'here's a flower for you Mum because I 'wuv' you so much'.

I had to get into the spirit of the footy somehow so cooked a potato pie for lunch. Aaron came out with it looking like this - nothing says you are loved more than a dandelion, and a pie with sauce in the shape of a heart! ;)

We gave in and came in from the beautiful sun to watch a little bit of the footy...not that it was really worth watching.

Hopefully next year the Hawks will be back and it really will be worth watching! :)


  1. No one loves footy quite like the Kings :-)

  2. love that cheeky glad summer is on the the summer.. i am checking out that potato pie...dont forget to tell me when you need the feed?????

  3. I think that Aaron would see the game in a comletely different view now that he has glasses.
    I think he looks great.
    Love the pictures of Kobe.
    Love Mum.

  4. AHHHH...SUN! I'm so happy it has arrived. Just in time for our fall. I do love fall but will terribly miss the warm sun.

  5. Those photos of Kobe are the cutest!!


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