Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Is it really going to happen!!?

We've been getting a little frustrated lately with the new house, as we should've been in over a month ago. I hadn't been up for about a week as I was sick of going up there and seeing that not much had happened, but thought I'd better go up today to see the builder, and to ask he had any idea of how far away it would be till we could move in. I was very pleasantly surprised to see that we now have carpet, the laundry tub was in and the bathroom is just about done!!

I'm so excited about our big bathroom with an open shower. We will now be able to give Noah showers by using a shower chair.

Aaron, Mum and the boys came up after school to check it all out and he thought he'd give the shower a test. The plumber has put the wrong shower head on, so it has to be swapped over tomorrow.

It's going to be so nice to have so much space in the bathroom to hoist Noah around, and move his shower chair around easily (the hole under the bath is into our built in cupboard - access to get to the spa pump - it will be covered up with a door).

The spa has been built up higher than usual, so we can use the hoist under it. We will have a removable step in the front of the gap which will be moved away when Noah is being hoisted in.

The boys had to test out how the new carpet felt with a wrestle.

Now the inside is just about finished we hope to get a certificate of occupancy by early next week which means we can move in FINALLY!! As for the outside - that's a whole other story, but that will be finished once we have moved in. For now I'll just be so happy to get in and to not have to pay the mortgage plus the rent.


  1. Hang in there Lisa :-) Do you watch grand design at all on ABC? One thing I've learnt from that show is that houses are never ready on time and always go over budget. Frustrating though, you have my sympathy.
    PS that spa looks like it will be divine.

  2. wow you are so close... i am so excited for you all.... it is looking so good....believe me i know what it is like to play that waiting game and i am not looking forward to the last waiting days...i still have 5 yep 5 months to wait...

  3. woah - you let the boys on the new carpet WITH THEIR SHOES ON!!! You must be excited ;)

    Horrah - it is all looking lovely! Can't wait until I can come around for a sticky beak and some morning tea.

  4. Looks great Lisa. Must be very frustrating waiting.... Sounds like daily life will be made a bit easier for you all - with things built the way you need for Noah. Must be so exciting!

  5. yah!! looking so good!!no need to stress now!! love pip

  6. yah!! looking so good!!no need to stress now!! love pip

  7. YAY! I'm happy that it's getting closer. SO loving your bathroom. It's perfect for Noah.

  8. awesome awesome awesome! Good luck next week.


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