Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Blogging from the NEW house!!

On Saturday we were overwhelemed with how many people turned up at our old house to help us move. Aaron and I were up at 6.30 am and did our first trip over to the house at 7am. By 8 am the first helpers arrived with their cars, vans, utes and trailers to help move all our gear over. We had around 20 people come all together and in two hours we were totally moved and my three amazing cleaners (thanks Annette, Becky and Lisa) had the old house sparkling (as much as an old run down house can sparkle!).

The boys and I went up there later on Saturday to have a look and it was a very strange feeling to see it all empty and was actually quite sad. Jay was fighting back the tears and even hugged his old bedroom wall. The house was very old and needed a lot of work, but we loved the location and have a lot of great memories there, so it was quite sad to leave. We have been going and collecting the mail every day when I pick up the boys from school and Kobe looks at the house and starts crying every time and is really confused about why we don't go in there.

The sadness was very short lived though, as we were so excited to be in our new house. It isn't at all finished on the outside and there are still a few things to do inside (wardrobe doors, a couple of tiles in the bathroom, heat pump to be installed and a few little jobs), but we are just so glad to be in and look forward to when the outside is finished too :)

When I was picking out the kitchen it was so hard to imagine what it would look like, but I'm so happy with it and also the floating floor we chose. I knew I wanted beige tones throughout the house so we went with a light brown carpet and then Annette helped me choose the wall colour, blinds and tiles.

We have the same colour throughout the whole house and I just love it. It feels very relaxing and not too warm and not too cold.

We love the sun that streams through the windows in the late afternoon and early evening in the kitchen and living room. The blinds aren't up in the kitchen yet, so it has actually been getting a bit hot in the early evening, and we have had to pull the blinds down early so Noah doesn't over heat as he lays in the sun! It will be much more comfortable once the cladding is on and the blinds are up in the kitchen.

I am absolutely LOVING the design of our bedroom. We sacrificed our two way access into the bathroom from our bedroom so that we could move the built in wardrobe to another wall, which meant we could push the other wall back further into the living room, so that Noah has his own little space in our room. It doesn't feel like he's actually in our room because he has his own little space, but he is still close enough to get to easily and know what is going on with him.

The most amazing thing is that we no longer live on a main road or have a huge street light right outside our bedroom window (with venetian blinds that didn't close very well) so it's SO quiet and dark up here. We are sleeping so well.

Kobe used to hate showers in the old house as all we had was an old bath with the shower in the bath with a shower curtain around it. Now he wants to have a shower several times a day as it's so big and open and he just loves playing in there!

It's amazing to have such a huge bathroom where we can use Noah's hoist to get him into the shower (the spa isn't in yet, but hopefully it won't be much longer!).

It's nice to know that we can now shower Noah even if only one of us is home, without having to kill our backs since he is getting so heavy now (but the dietician would STILL like to fatten him up more! Can you believe that!! Look at those rolls!!!).

It's still so hard to believe that we are in a new house. Aaron and I were both saying it feels like we are on holiday and I hope that feeling doesn't wear off too fast. It's been nice to have people drop in to come and check it out. The kids love having so much space to run around in and it's nice to not all be sitting on top of each other like we would've been in the old house.

I will blog more about the house as more gets done and as we get more organised, but it already feels like home. Jalen said to me on Monday 'when can we go home Mum? I just want to go home and relax as it's so nice there'. Hopefully he'll think it's still a nice place to be as he gets older :)


  1. Ohh it looks wonderful. I can't believe how big the rooms are! It looks like you wouldn't want to go out.

  2. Naked Noah! I LOVE his rolls. :) I'd say that he doesn't need any more calories, but that's my opinion. Sometimes they don't account for their small heads and think they are underweight because of it. (silly dieticians) The house is beautiful Lisa, and I THRILLED for your whole family.

  3. I LOVE the neutral all looks so nice. Must be so exciting!!
    And congrats on the $500 win too. :)

  4. Oh my gosh I'm so excited for you! You sound so content and happy. That shower looks great! What a wonderful change :-)

  5. woohoo!!!! it is all just lovely. i can't wait to come and see it in person. so happy for you :)
    see you tomorrow!

    oh, and can i please have noah? his chubbiness is out of this world cute!

  6. Oh your home is just beautiful! I'm so happy for you! (lovin' the snuggly rolls)

  7. The house looks lovely! So happy for you all.

  8. The new house looks awesome! I'm so excited to see you are in at last!

  9. It looks fantastic Lisa. I love the design and the colours you've chosen. It must be so nice to have so much more space too.

  10. love it that Aaron is scrubbing out my crockpot in those green washing up gloves.....
    thanks for the plug on the help with the colours...
    it looks great Lisa and i can see why you are happy to go home every day...

  11. Looks wonderful Lisa! I love the photo of Noah in the shower - he looks nice and plump to me! Enjoy your new house. Can't wait to come visit. xo Leona :)

  12. LOVE IT!!!!
    Love Mum.

  13. Ooh I love that sunshine in the kitchen and that you guys and Noah have so much more room in your bedroom. Kobe looks tiny in the huge shower.

  14. Lisa, the house looks amazing. So fresh and new. I think Noah's dietician needs glasses! He doesn't look like he's going to starve any time soon. :) I was surprised by the "quiet in Waverley" comments. Things must've changed a bit since we lived there. Hope it lasts!!!

  15. Looks Great, keep it nice and fresh for when I pop in for a visit :)


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