Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Not Supposed To Happen

Just as we are getting excited to really start packing our house up so we can move, Noah decides to throw a spanner in the works. He seemed like he had a bit of bad hayfever or a cold a couple of days ago as he needed a lot more suctioning than usual. Yesterday when he got home from school he just didn't seem right, and was breathing really fast. It continued all night and every now and then he would settle down, but then start up again.

This morning at 9am I rang our GP to see if they could fit us in, and they could but not until midday which I knew was too late. Instead I took him to Emergency at the hospital. As soon as they saw him they put him straight through (thank goodness we didn't have to wait!) and nurses started doing things straight away - taking blood, putting a canula in, doing his obs and getting oxygen onto him.

We spent 3 1/2 hours in Emergency and Kobe pretty much had everyone in the palm of his hand! The nurses were getting him so much food, drinks and colouring in pencils. He sat up at the desk with the nurses who you first talk to when you come into Emergency and had the best time ever. One of the male nurses helping Noah was so lovely and kept getting him lots of fun things to play with.

Finally at 1pm we headed up to the kids ward and are in the tiniest room ever with no bathroom, and no windows (except out to the nurses desk, so you feel like you are in a fish bowl with everyone looking in at you).

They are 'specialing' him which means he has one on one nursing, so there is a nurse in the room the whole time - including during the night. It's going to be VERY hard to sleep tonight! :( It's nice having someone there though, as it means I could dash home now to pick up the boys from school and grab some things, before heading back up there. Kobe and I both have a bit of a cold and a sore throat, and Noah's x-ray and bloods aren't really showing up anything, so they think he's probably got something similar, but just can't handle it like we can. and goes into respiratory distress. They are pumping the oxygen into him as well as antibiotics and steroids, hoping that he will pick up fast. The Dr told me to expect to be in for a week!

This wasn't supposed to happen - not when we are about to move house! Luckily Aaron is now home for 4 days (thank goodness for the Show Day holiday!).


  1. O NO.... not now Noah.... you are so close to being in a nice new house...(i know you just wanted to have a break while all the packing was going on hey???)

  2. Oh dear, that's one of the last things you needed. You and Noah might not ever get back to your old room. Hope he picks up soon. How unsettling to have someone with you all night. You would feel like you have to look good all night!

  3. You deal with it all so well!!!!! So excited for you to be moving into your own place! Hope Noah has a speed recovery and you can pack like a pro!

  4. Noah we hope you feel better quick. Sending lots of hugs and prayers.

  5. Dear oh dear Lisa!
    Noah was not impressed about moving by the sounds of it, or he didn't want clean up his room!!!!
    If you guys need anything just let us know.

  6. Poor darling! Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  7. It's always when you least expect it. Sorry. The spring time for some reason was really hard for Ben. We could get a cold and he would end up on the ventilator. Their little bodies just can't handle it. How much oxygen is he on? Please give him a kiss from me! Praying for Noah!!!

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  9. oh no lisa! hope it ends up being less than a whole week and noah has a very speedy recovery.

  10. Noah obviously likes those nurses. ;) It's going to be awesome when you FINALLY get in that house!!

  11. Please don't tell me you wore your bra all night.
    Love Mum.


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